All Work and No Play? Not Us!

Red and Blue ceramic mugs of steaming tea with spoons and inscription.

I always thought about co-writing a book with someone. It comes to mind often while I’m plotting with other authors and it always seemed like it might be fun. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. Just in working with a critique partner over the years, then editors, then line editors, I’ve learned that my first response to a critique or edit is usually too emotional. (I will admit to a bit of stomping here and there.)

But I’ve also learned that once I step back, let things simmer, that objective opinion shows me things I missed. So, I worried a bit about sharing a project this way, but was also intrigued.

I took the chance.

And I’m so glad I did!

It’s been fun trying to figure out how to divvy up tasks. Who writes what character or scene? Who does the different revisions? Who works with the line editor? The biggest plus is having someone to fire me up. Someone willing to jump onto Skype to hammer out a problem with a scene or maybe even just listen. I’m lucky in that I have two working relationships like this. I wouldn’t trade my critique partner on my personal work or my co-author in this work for anything in this world. I had quite the disappointment hit while we were in the midst of this book—it was with my own personal work—and having this project helped me keep my head above water. While Jocelynn and I occasionally shared a difference of opinion on some things, we managed to work things out. Merging two different writers, styles, and locations has been a trip.

The biggest thing we share? The same vision for this series. So it’s worth the time to make things work. And we really work well together. We listen and keep things out in the open. We’ve become good friends through all this. So yeah, I’m having fun with my work!

I love the world we’ve created and I must say, I ADORE the characters who live in that world. I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Keep an eye out. We have the big cover reveal coming up along with other fun stuff. And I’ll just say now—the cover is fantastic!

To close, I’ll share a short bit of one of our LONG skype conversations when we’re plotting. Yes, I’ve cut parts out. As River Song (Doctor Who for those poor folks who don’t know who she is.) would say, “Spoilers.” 😉

Rinda  Elliott: I can see Lucas getting possessive of Snow the closer Snow gets to —-. Yummy. Angst.
Jocelynn Smith: Nobody is good enough for Snow.
Rinda  Elliott: Until he witnesses ___ bring his friend down from a harsh place and sees ——.
Jocelynn Smith: ooooooo perfect.
Jocelynn Smith: —- bring him down without the guilt
Rinda  Elliott: I got goose bumps!
Jocelynn Smith: without the violence
Rinda  Elliott: YES. YES.
Jocelynn Smith: finding the soft, warm, safe place that —– can’t create for him
Jocelynn Smith: OMG!!!!!!
Rinda  Elliott: I KNOW!!!!
Jocelynn Smith: ;(
Rinda  Elliott: THE FEELZZZZZ
Jocelynn Smith: (hug)
Jocelynn Smith: I want to hug them ALLLL
As you can see, we are complete dorks who really get into our stories. And I LOVE IT.