Love and Passion-The Greatest Adventure

I had a different post planned about my new writing venture to go with my co-author’s wonderful post about writing what she loves, but it honestly boils down to one answer and it’s the same as hers.

I AM writing what I love.

I’ve written and published urban fantasy, young adult, paranormal romance and erotic romances. My erotic romances have been set in space and post-apocalyptic settings. I even have a sexy one down in the Atchafalaya Basin! I’ve written love scenes that are M/F, M/M, and M/M/F. I even have F/F and F/F/M scenes coming up in a future Dani Worth book. I’ve loved them all. And I plan to keep writing romance whether it’s in a mix with other genres or not because it’s my favorite type of story to read. I’m a voracious reader. Ask anyone who knows me, my Kindle is never far from my hands. Reading is and always will be my favorite escape into fantasy worlds. So, why romance?

Love and passion ar99732212f1da0621d7a71230066ebce1e gifts–and together, they make up the greatest adventure. There is nothing I love more than getting lost in a book that takes me on that adventure along with the characters.

I enjoy love stories of all kinds. And like anyone else, I have my favorites–even those with the lesser accepted tropes. Why yes, I enjoy GFY stories because there is this dreamer part of me who likes to believe that some fall in love with the person first and I like reading about that first excitement of something new. Is that the only kind of book I like to read? No. Like I said, I’m voracious. If the writer is a good story teller and creates fantastic characters, I’m there for his or her adventure.


Now, that being said, I’m a re-reader and have no shame in admitting that. (I’m always surprised when someone is shocked that I re-read. I honestly can’t imagine not revisiting characters I love. 😉 ) I go back to favorite authors for repeat adventures when I need comfort. Proof in point? The first page of my Kindle.

Love stories on my Kindle.
Just SOME of my favorite comfort read authors-They write great love stories!

The second, third and fourth pages are mostly more of the same, so I’m probably more drawn to M/M and M/M/F romances than others. There’s a dynamic I love in these stories that I find hard to explain to people. So I mostly don’t. When I try, it goes something like “You know when you love seeing a strong man fall for a woman in a love story? I love that, too. But sometimes I love watching two strong men fall.” I have close friends who are just as drawn to M/M romances and we’ve had some funny conversations when in groups with others. The thing is, we all have things we love to read about. It’s simple.

So when asked why I decided to add M/M romance to the books I write and publish? That answer is simple, too. I love them. That’s it. I’ve been a fan of the dynamic of M/M romance for more than ten years–back when a friend first introduced me to fan fiction.

I was actually out with my critique partner during one of our working lunches and going on and on about a recent M/M romance I’d loved. She asked flat out why I wasn’t writing them because I read them more than any others. At that time, Jocelynn and I were joking around about writing these together because she is one who shares the love and is hard on my wallet–or maybe I’m more hard on hers… Anyway, we had talked of doing a series together. I told my CP, who is also a friend of Jocelynn’s, and it was actually Rachel who gave us that last nudge. I owe her big time because working with Jocelynn has turned into yet another wonderful adventure!

And speaking of adventures? Jocelynn and I hope that you will enjoy the one we’re taking you on with Lucas and Andrei. SHIVER is up for pre-order. Only $4.99!