Pictures! Jocelynn and Rinda at RT


Pictures! We are hard at work on book two of our Unbreakable Bonds series and I thought you guys might enjoy some fun pics from the Romantic Times Convention in Texas Jocelynn and I attended earlier this year. That first picture was taken by my critique partner, Rachel Vincent, who was on a very tight deadline and trying to work in the room we shared. It was hard for her to concentrate because Jocelynn and I were working on SHIVER and brainstorming ideas for book two. We’re used to working over a computer or phone because we live in different states, so actually working together was so fun! Shiver is a sexy book, so some of our conversations had to be impossible to ignore. <g> We were loud and did a lot of laughing. I can’t wait until we get to do it again! We decided to dedicate Shiver to Rachel because she’s the one who gave us that last nudge to jump into this project together. Neither of us had worked with a co-writer before. Here we are with her, too. 🙂

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Shiver has now been out a week and it’s getting wonderful reviews. If you enjoyed it, feel free to talk it up in social media and add reviews to places like Amazon and Goodreads. As an independent project, word of mouth helps us the most. If you haven’t read Shiver, you can buy it at these online retailers. Print versions are coming soon, too!


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