Shatter Soundtrack

Normally, before I start a book, I make a soundtrack. I’ve done this for every book I’ve ever written. Books and music–my biggest loves. Songs have inspired entire books for me. With SHATTER, the soundtrack kept changing. Sometimes, I’d put in nice, dark instrumental music and sometimes, I’d look for some of my more twisted favorites. In the end, here are the songs that I ended up going back to, so I finally put them together.

Riverside-Out of Myself

Beautiful Mine-The Butterfly Effect


Puscifer- The Mission


Alek Fin-Golden

Anathema- Release

Thrice-Red Sky


Riverside-In Two Minds

Riverside- The Curtain Falls

Massive Attack-Pray for Rain

Android Lust

And there are the instrumentals ready to go when it’s time to truly focus!




H.U.V.A. Network-Dissolving Time


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