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Are you ready for another excerpt of SHATTER? This snippet went out exclusively to our fantastic readers group on Facebook. They are called Unbreakable Readers and we have a blast in there with them! So they got to read this more than a week ago. 😉

SHATTER comes out in less than three weeks!! It went out to reviewers last week and reviews are already trickling in. Seriously FUN reviews. Check these out! The reviewers from Gay Book Reviews in particular seem to be having a lot of fun. 5+ stars and fun GIF and teaser filled reviews here and here.

Jocelynn and I love Snow and Jude so much and we can’t wait until everyone gets to read their story! Here’s a sneak peek now.



“You know, I didn’t think this night could get any more fun.” Rebecca grinned, took a sip of her wine, and leaned back in her chair with a huge sigh Jude could see more than hear. Loud music pumped through the air and lights flashed over her features. The Dock was packed tonight—not that he’d ever seen it any other way. Though this was only the third time he’d come here.

She leaned closer, her long hair puddling on the table between them. “Women should clue in about gay bars. More gorgeous men with more muscle tone than I’ve ever seen gathered outside of a gym. Dancing and making out in the corners. This is best sort of way to spend my time.”

Jude had to agree that the scenery was pretty damn fantastic, although he generally wasn’t a fan of these big, noisy clubs. He preferred smaller, more intimate settings. Preferred relationships over anonymous hookups. It was why he hadn’t gotten laid in more than six months. He hadn’t even called his friend Shane—his only friend with benefits—in all that time.

“I want to lick the sweat off that one.” Rebecca pointed, then pointed again. “And that one. Oooooo…and that one.”

Jude followed her finger and had to admit she had good taste, especially when she pointed at a man gyrating on the dance floor, his tank showing off hard, broad shoulders, his black skin shiny with sweat. The man caught Jude’s gaze and smiled, his invitation clear. Sweet smile, too—just the kind Jude should be drawn to and nothing like the superior scowls of an older doctor. Sighing, Jude turned back to Rebecca. He’d never been one to stray anywhere else once his interest was caught and this time, it was thoroughly trapped. Damn it. “What did you mean the night couldn’t get more fun?”

She wasn’t paying attention to him. He waited, grinning as he watched his friend get lost in her licking fantasies. There could be a few who would welcome her attentions here, especially the women, but her odds weren’t good for what she wanted. She finally looked at him, her eyes shiny and reflecting the strobe lights. “I meant…” She drew it out, then took another drink. “That it is now more interesting with the surgeon general here. I can’t wait to see him in action. Talk about hot. Do you think he just points and orders men about in the bedroom like he does at the hospital?” She shivered.

It took everything Jude had to keep his expression slightly interested as he turned in his seat. The thick crowd hampered his view, but he waited and then nearly swallowed his tongue when the doctor came into view. He couldn’t stop his mouth from falling open. “Fuck me,” he breathed.

Rebecca, who had leaned over far enough to read his lips, cackled. “I know, right? I knew the man was gorgeous but when he dresses to show it off, he’s unbelievable. And he obviously came here expecting to get laid.” She leaned closer. “And lookee at the testosterone beginning to gather around him. This should be good!”

Doc Frost wore nothing more than low-riding, faded jeans and a tight blue T-shirt that matched his eyes and made the white in his hair shine. Casual. Simple. The long, leanly muscled slopes of that broad-shouldered body were on perfect display. He’d messed up his hair, making it stand tussled on his head. He looked younger dressed like this. He strode through the crowd, expression fierce as usual, intentions obvious.

Yep, the general wanted to get laid.


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