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cover, guideThere’s so much that goes on behind the scenes during a book release. Lots of things to get done and to worry about. I am a worrier and nothing I do seems to alleviate that, so I just work on dealing with it. I’m also stubborn and kind of a control freak…and a big, big softie. Quite a mix, eh?

But there are blog posts to do, tons of busy work, and this time around, a lot of reader messages and responses and I have to say, this has been so incredibly wonderful. To have so many emotional responses to the work I’m doing with Jocelynn means so very much to me. To us both. We love what we’re writing.

When a book goes out, I tend to spend the first few days haunting places where readers hang so I can see if anyone is enjoying it. This is both a good and bad thing, so it’s done with more caution after that initial “must see” period I can’t seem to resist. (Remember that stubborn part?) ) So if I liked one review and not another, it’s probably because I haven’t seen it after backing off a bit. Jocelynn and I are hard at work on our other projects, so it’s better if I’m not tempted to read the harder reactions to my work. Yes, authors know that reviews are for readers, but we are infinitely curious people–one of the biggest reasons we write–so it can be a challenge to let that part of things go.

But we also know, the world is made up of so many different kinds of people, with different personal experiences, so everyone experiences a book in their own way. Reading is my pleasure.

That’s good. Otherwise, this world would be pretty damn boring. 😉

However, the response to SHATTER has mostly been incredible! You guys make it hard for me to be good! (OMG, especially when you cast our guys with such gorgeous inspirations!!!) Snow and Jude–all the Unbreakable Bonds men–are very dear to me. And to Jocelynn. These are most definitely stories from our hearts, so we love knowing others are loving them, too.

A very dear friend and fellow author I admire something fierce wrote something to me recently that I want to share because she is crazy-wise and this could just be the very thing someone else needs to hear as well.

“You must write the stories of your heart. The stories that most speak to you. Readers out there are looking for the books you will bring to this world, and someone may find you at just the right time in their life when they really, really need to hear what your stories have to say: that love is important, complicated, and healing, and that everyone no matter how they identify, deserves love, friends and family who care for them, and a happy life.”

Thanks for reading!!!

If you are interested in our Unbreakable Bonds series, check out this page. It has links to the books as well as the free short stories and lots of other goodies!

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