We’ve Got a Winner

Well… that went faster than I had expected. In case you missed it, last week I posted a contest asking readers to tell me who they thought Torch, book 3, was going to center on as well as what hint Rinda and I have left behind in Shiver and Shatter to tell readers that.

On Sunday, we had a lovely reader post a comment on my Goodreads blog that had the answer that I was looking for.

(drum roll)

Congrats Claudia! You are our contest winner!

Claudia’s answer was:

I would go with Rowe as well. We had in Shiver some insight to Snow – which was a clue that Shatter will be about him, I think. And in Shatter, we got to see some of Rowe’s perspective.

As he showed some interest in men in Shiver, and we have seen some page time with Geoffrey (who I really like), I think, he will be the perfect match.

And as we have seen a lot about Ian and our favorite Cop, I would guess that their book is the last one and the big showdown!”

Being the sneaky authors that we are, Rinda and I planned to leave a trail of breadcrumbs from the first day. Each book contained the points of view of the two romantic interests plus the point of view of the character who was the center of the next book.

Shiver had 3 rotating points of view: Lucas, Andrei… and Snow.

Shatter had 3 rotating points of view: Snow, Jude… and Rowe.

Torch will have 3 rotating points of view: Rowe, XXX … and Ian.

What? You thought I was going give away the name of the third character. The character who has caught our troubled Rowe’s eye. (Mwahahaha! As I’m sure you’re learning, I’m the evil one of this team. No doubt Rinda is going to ban me from all blogging and social media very soon.)

Nope, I’m not going to give it away just yet. However, I will say that it’s not Geoffrey. (But don’t worry. Rinda and I love Geoffrey and we promise that we’ll take care of our sweet, handsy boy eventually. One thing at a time…)

So, it’s official. Torch is going to be Rowe’s book.

This is the moment where I tell everyone who is worried about Rowe’s heart and state of mind after the events of Shatter to take a deep breath. We know you’re heart sick over Rowe and that you’re anxious to learn more about Ian and a certain nosy detective.

Trust us.

We’ve got this. We’re going to take good care of Rowe. We’re going to give you a new glimpse of Lucas and Andrei. We’ll check in to see how Snow and Jude are doing. And we’ll keep Ian busy as well.

But don’t worry. Trust us.

We’ll have more news regarding Torch this summer. We just received the cover for Torch and we can’t wait to share it as well as a description of the book. We’re still aiming for a fall release, but we’ll work hard to make it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, make sure you’ve pre-ordered your copy of Unbreakable Stories: Lucas. It contains two brand new short stories, a novellette, and naughtier versions of the previously released short stories for Lucas and Andrei. The six-story collection will be out June 21.

You can also join our Facebook group, Unbreakable Readers, to discuss the series as well as get early sneak peeks.

For all the details on the Unbreakable Bonds series, please click here.

Thanks for reading. And… trust us. It’s going to be a fun ride.

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