Unbreakable Stories: Lucas Excerpt

I missed my Thursday post, but better late than never, eh?

How about an excerpt from cover, unbreakable storiesUnbreakable Stories: Lucas today? (Yes, this group of short stories feature Lucas and Andrei’s relationship, but this excerpt has our Snow being well…Snow.)

BTW, we’ve posted everywhere we can that these stories are set between Shiver and Shatter. Unfortunately, we can’t put a 1.5 onto the compilation on Amazon, but we are working to spread the word. Here’s a short explanation.

Thank you so much to those taking the time to leave reviews on this compilation as well as on Shiver and Shatter. You’re helping to spread the word and that is priceless–especially to those of us putting the books our ourselves.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that so many of you are loving our guys. 😉


Most everyone was now seated at the table. Everyone except Sonja and Ian, who after eyeballing Lucas’s mouth with narrowed eyes and a head shake, went back to rushing about, trying to make sure his dinner was perfect.

“Sherry glasses? I do.” Ian opened a cabinet and pulled down a small tray. He set eight sherry glasses on it and handed it to Sonja.

She gave him a wicked smile that had Lucas lifting an eyebrow. She caught his look and her grin was so like Andrei’s, his heart stuttered. He leaned toward Andrei and whispered. “Why did she ask for those?”

Andrei, who’d been talking with Rowe, turned toward him. “What?”

He nodded toward Sonja. Andrei followed his gaze and groaned. “I know that container. Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes,” she said, as she set the tray of glasses on the table and began pouring a light amber liquid from a glass carafe. “Milos made a new batch.”

Andrei turned fully toward him, leaned close and muttered, “Not a good idea.”

“Palinka is always a good idea.” Milos took the glass Sonja filled and winked at his son.Hungarian fruit Brandy or Palinka with apricots

Sonja handed everyone a full glass. “You sip it with your meal. It’s good with pork.”

Lucas perked up. “Pork?”

“Oh, yes.” Sonja pointed toward the dishes between them. “Pork Greaves and Sarmale cu Mamaliguta.”

“Oh, yeah,” Andrei breathed as he snatched up his plate and held it to his mother. “Looks disgusting when she’s making it, but they are so good.”

“The good stuff usually is,” Snow said as he eyed what looked like stuffed cabbage.

Sonja put two of those on Andrei’s plate, reached for the spoon in the other bowl she’d uncovered and Andrei shook his head.

“Not those. I’m just getting back into shape.” He glanced at Lucas. “Those are basically pieces of deep fried pork fat.”

Lucas quickly held out his plate.

“Luc,” Snow started.

“No,” he broke in before his friend could bring up his cholesterol from his last visit. “It’s a holiday.” Plus, he didn’t want Andrei to know. It wasn’t a big thing—just slightly higher levels.

Snow narrowed his eyes but kept his mouth shut, but his look said he’d be pulling Andrei into the fold on this one. Damn. He might as well enjoy the fried fat now. “All the things with pork can go on my plate,” he told Sonja with a wink.

Shaking his head, Snow reached for the sherry glass and knocked back the drink.

“Oh, no, don’t!” Andrei reached out to stop him but it was apparently too late.

Snow’s eyes flew open wide, then filled with water. He choked, gasped, then started wheezing. “What…the…fuck?”

Rowe picked up his glass and sniffed it. “Is this what I think it is?”

Melissa followed his lead, but sipped hers. “Hooch?” She threw her head back, laughing hard. “Andrei’s parents make hooch?”

“I may be dying,” Snow choked out.

“It’s palinka,” Andrei said with a chuckle. “A traditional Romanian alcohol made from fruit.” Andrei gave Lucas a wicked grin and handed him a glass. “I know I said I never stepped foot in Romania, but my parents and grandparents brought a few traditions here with them. You can take it slow, which I advise, or you can take a chance like the doc just did.”

“Milos used apricots this time.” Sonja sipped hers without a hint of trouble. “Good batch!” She leaned over her plate, eyeing Snow with an eyebrow wiggle that made Lucas bite his lip. “You okay there, gorgeous?” she asked.

“I’ll live.” Snow cleared his throat and wiped his eyes with a napkin. He frowned when she refilled his glass.

Lucas smothered a grin. He wouldn’t admit he couldn’t handle any more of the drink. Seemed this dinner was about to get very interesting.

“Sip it this time,” she advised, patting his hand. “It’s good for you—makes you want to eat the pork.”

“Oh, man,” Andrei groaned under his breath. He leaned over far enough to whisper in Lucas’s ear. “I think she’s actually flirting.”

“I know she is,” Lucas murmured back.

Snow took a cautious sip of the palinka, then cracked a smile. “Trust me, I don’t need an incentive to eat the pork.”

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