Meet Hollis Banner

Hollis Banner likes old muscle cars, cheesy casseroles, and Ian Pierce. And not even close to that order. He’s been enamored from day one although his interest surprises him. He’s always gone for bigger and more…brutish kinds of guys and Ian is the exact opposite.

Hollis grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and he became a cop because he never got over the loss of his best friend in high school. They’d both figured out they were gay early and had fun sneaking into bars and picking up guys. And because of that, the cops didn’t work hard to find Ryan when he disappeared from one of those places. Hollis watched his friend’s family implode when he was never found and he vowed he would try to stop that from happening to others. He worked in missing persons for years in Atlanta, Georgia and when he’d dealt with too many unsolved cases, he realized the stain it was leaving on his soul could become permanent. So he did something crazy and followed his boyfriend at the time to Cincinnati where he joined the police force doing something different–mostly fraud. The relationship didn’t last, but Hollis stayed because he liked the city and he liked his new job.

He’s still close to his parents and makes sure to go home a couple of times a year. In his free time, he dates, but not often. He has a smart mouth, an inability to deal with stupid people, and he likes nothing better than goading men he sees as too cocky for their own good. But what he really wants is to do some good in the world and be in a loving, steady relationship. He prefers staying home to going out to clubs and he knows that he does not fit into the fancy chef’s world—not at all. But he’s more than willing to give it a try.

(Michael Fassbender to the right? He is very close to how we picture our Hollis, only Hollis is built broader and bigger. But that naughty, naughty smile!)

Oh and well, this GIF helped… Hot!

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