The Many Voices in My Head

Judging by the title, you’d think this was a conversation about my need for better medication. But that’s just boring.

No, this is about the characters that come whispering to me about new story ideas, and since Rinda and I have written the Unbreakable Bonds series, the noise in my head has gotten quite loud… but only because the boys love to argue.

I can’t tell you where my ideas come from. Sometimes I’m flipping through a magazine, sometimes I’m taking a walk, and other times I’m flipping the channels on the TV. It could be an image or a phrase that I hear that’s enough to spark an idea.

This time, it was an avalanche of information pouring through my brain.

It started as a new Unbreakable Bonds spin-off series idea, but to make it happen, I needed two other books to happen first in Ward Security, and insanely enough, I had two book plots pop into my head to meet that need.

So at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, I started writing. I wrote a 3,000-word pitch that gave an overview of two new books for Ward Security along with a new series. It was 2 a.m. when I finally stopped writing, but I’m happy to say that the pitch included:

“…, they fall in love, you let me shoot something or set it on fire, yadda yadda…HEA”

This is why I love Rinda. She lets me shoot characters and set things on fire.

But the pitch for the new series started with Lucas Vallois telling me a story of a secret meeting.

Yeah, I wrote Rinda a story.

Because that’s how I saw it first.

It was the birth of a series and I wanted Rinda to be a part of it too, and the easiest way, the most fun way to do it was to tell it as a story.

To start, this idea was Lucas whispering to me about a meeting, about secrets, danger, and a future that I can’t wait to see.

But Lucas is my “big idea, make a tight plan” kind of guy.

There has to be trouble. Things have to go wrong. Shots have to be fired. That’s where Rowe tends to step in. Rowe starts whispering in my ear about car explosions, kidnappings, and shots fired. (Of course, Noah is never far away, stirring the pot if Rowe isn’t being bombastic enough.)

Snow is my angst boy. He’s the one telling me to say “fuck it all” and walk away from the relationship when things feel hinky. The “we’re better off on our own, can’t trust anyone” guy.

And finally, Andrei is my voice of reason (when he’s not trying to seduce Lucas).

So… when I’m plotting, it kind of sounds like this in my head:

Lucas: There’s a meeting called by someone that I definitely don’t trust. He knows too much about our past, but I think he has a proposal that could be worth hearing out — something that could make a huge difference.

Rowe: Shoot him first. Totally don’t trust this dipstick. Shoot him now.

Lucas: I’m not killing him just because I don’t trust him.

Rowe: I didn’t say kill. I was thinking kneecap. Ooooo! The shoulder! Then he can’t shoot you. He’ll be in pain and tell you everything. And don’t forget the duct tape! Oh never mind, I’m coming along.

Lucas: (rolls eyes) You’re not coming. No shooting. No duct tape.

Noah: You’re right. We’re both coming with you and I’m bringing the rainbow duct tape.

Lucas: Fuck.

Snow: Don’t go. You don’t need to hear out his proposal if he’s starting with blackmail. We don’t need him.

Lucas: I’m going. I think he’s got a good point.

Snow. Fuck him.

Rowe: I hate to agree with, Frosty, but he’s right. Don’t go or just shoot him.

Snow: Shut up, Rowan.

Andrei: Go to the meeting and take Noah.

Lucas: I—

Andrei: Noah will set up across the street as a sniper. He can provide cover just in case and this guy will never know. Noah will make sure you come home safe to me.

Lucas: Love you, baby.

Andrei: Love y—

Snow/Noah/Rowe: (groan in unison.)

As you can see, plotting isn’t exactly fast, but it’s entertaining. Jude will occasionally pop in to temper Snow. Ian and Hollis don’t talk to me too much yet, but that’ll change.

But long story short… Rinda and I are hard at work on the first book in the Ward Series featuring Geoffrey and Sven. We are still aiming for an autumn release. We are hoping to write several books for the Ward Security, which will undoubtedly include cameos of the Unbreakable Boys.

And then, we have a potential second spin-off series waiting in the wings for just the right timing.

If you were worried that Rinda and I were done following the completion of the Unbreakable Bonds series, don’t. We’ve got many more books coming…

Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for the insight – all the best authors have characters who talk to them. Can’t wait, sounds awesome ?

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