Our First Gay Romance Lit Retreat!

Jocelynn and me with Mini Me Courtney Basset.

Jocelynn and I attended our first Gay Romance Lit retreat in Denver, Colorado, and had an absolute blast. I was amazed at the number of people who attend the conference and overall, there was a general air of acceptance for people in all areas of the spectrum. This was the best part of the retreat and I would give anything for the rest of the world to be like this.

Conferences are a mixed bag for me normally. Most of my worst nerves are before and after events. Once I’m there, I usually have a great time and this was no exception. So many were very warm and welcoming and I absolutely loved just sitting and chatting with readers of Unbreakable Bonds. We had a lot of them there, too! We have the most incredible fans–warm and funny people. I feel truly lucky.

Jocelynn and I signed books, book covers, bags, frames, and several people had made brag books–I was so impressed by those. And extremely flattered. Despite having published twenty books, this was my first booksigning! We got to fangirl over other authors and blush when some did the same back. We also got introduced to Alex Mecum and Carter Dane of the Cocky Boys, both gracious and friendly. And OMG, stunningly beautiful. They even bought books and posed with them! Twice! The image of the two of them together is now the background on my monitor. It’s such a gorgeous picture, that may not change for a long, long time. 😉

Below, you’ll find a gallery of some of the images we have from the retreat. You can click twice to bring the images up larger and much sharper. I look forward to next year in Virginia!

And last but not least, this is a big week for Drake and Elliott! The first in our new spin-off series, Psycho Romeo, is releasing this Friday, October 27th! You can pre-order your copy now!

We have a few wonderful reviews already trickling in if you’re curious.

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Most will be going up this weekend. We have a fun Book Blitz and Blog Tour planned, so stay tuned for fun posts!









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