Meet Geoffrey Ralse

Geoffrey Ralse is a fascinating man of many layers. He’s mouthy and straightforward, fiercely loyal, yet big-hearted. He also loves to be the center of attention. He can seem egotistical, but a lot of that’s a front because he’s had to fight to be taken seriously with his young face and small build–even after he earned millions on an app he sold at nineteen. (Our actual inspiration for Geoffrey is Lucky Blue Smith. We have a lot of images on our Tumblr and our reader’s group Unbreakable Readers!)

He loves to flirt but yearns for a solid relationship. Unfortunately, he’s always been attracted to over-sized, arrogant jerks. He’s also very possessive once in a relationship, but he hasn’t had that many because his high energy has run off more than one potential boyfriend.

Geoffrey was born and raised in Cincinnati. His parents died when he was twenty and he took on raising his younger brother, Finn, who was fourteen at the time. He took the job seriously and spent so many years acting as a responsible parent, he partied a lot once Finn went to college. He became well known on the club scene. Had a blast keeping up with “friends” on Instagram and other social media platforms. He’s built a massive following and got into the habit of sharing pics of his club clothes and all his friends.

Not too long ago, Geoffrey helped out some local men and witnessed something that horrified him. It changed him. Made his yearning for more family and real friends even stronger. So these days, he’s not partying as much, but he still hits his favorite clubs with a group of people who keep him amused–even though they usually leave him with the tab. He shrugs it off because being surrounded by so many people helps stave off his deep sense of loneliness.

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