What’s Next? A Look at the Line Up for 2019

We’ve survived the winter and we are steadily crawling into the light of spring (or fall if you happen to be in the southern hemisphere).

We concluded the first quarter of the year with a bang, releasing FRACTURE, book 6 of the Unbreakable Bonds series. We also had the audio book of SHIVER come out.

But you may be wondering what’s next for Drake & Elliott both on the joint projects and solo books…

I thought I’d pop in with a few updates as we know them.

Ward Security Coming in May

Yes, we are jumping into the high-stakes, insane world of Ward Security next. Rinda and I have handed off the next book, titled KILLER BOND, to our editors. Here’s a quick description we included at the end of FRACTURE.

Daniel Hendricks wants a vacation.

Ward Security’s accountant and resident code breaker just needs a little R&R from the chaos and usual shenanigans of the office.

But what was supposed to be a sexy vacation hook-up explodes in his face when he’s mistaken for a rogue secret agent.

Now he’s on the run with CIA agent Edward Raines from Bermuda to Barcelona to Paris as they try to find the secrets the real rogue was trying to sell before another foreign spy does.

The chemistry between them is explosive, but how is Daniel supposed to trust a man who had originally set out to kill him?

Stay tuned for the official release date, cover, and other news!

A New Audio Book in May

Our awesome narrator Kenneth Obi has completed the recording for SHATTER, book 2 of the Unbreakable Bonds series. I think it sounds fabulous! He does an amazing job of bringing Snow and Jude to life.

The audio book is going through the quality check and final production at ACX. This takes between 10 and 14 days. We are expecting the audio book to be available in early May.

If you haven’t started listening to the Unbreakable Bonds series yet, now is the perfect time! Grab the audio book for SHIVER now.

We are going to start on TORCH very soon and that should, hopefully, be available by early June.

The Return of Exit Strategy in June

I’ve sneaked in some time with Justin and Gabriel from the Exit Strategy series. You met them in my solo series, starting with DEADLY LOVER.

A short novella titled LOVER CALLING was also released in April. The novella takes places a couple of months after the close of DEADLY LOVER. Here’s a quick description:

Is 4,000 miles too far to travel for a booty call?

If your answer is yes, then you’ve never met a man like Gabriel Prescott.

Justin hops a plane for London to spend a little quality time with Gabriel between jobs, and of course trouble finds them.

Between dodging bullets and time in the sheets, Gabriel and Justin try to figure out what kind of a future they could have together.

Now is a great time to grab both if you haven’t. We’re getting back into the action with VENGEFUL LOVER in early June!

Yes, I’ve finished the second full-length novel and I am looking to release it in early June. Stay tuned for more news, cover, and the official release date.

Releasing the Masters of Mayhem This Summer

Rinda and I will be turning toward the Masters of Mayhem, Rowe Ward and Noah Keegan, for our next book.

Yes, we’re actually heading back into the Unbreakable Bonds series for book number 7 to continue the adventure with Rowe and Noah.

There are no hints or teasers I can give yet, but I can assure you that the book will have their unique brand of humor, insanity, and action.

I also doubt they will be allowed to babysit.

We’ll be starting to write this book in May, so we will be looking for a late July or early August release, assuming that all goes according to plan.

As soon as we have more details, we will be announcing them here or in our reader group, Unbreakable Readers.

But We Need More!

Okay, from here the plans are getting a little looser.

After we complete Unbreakable Bonds #7, I’ll be turning my attention over to Justin and Gabriel for their final book in the Exit Strategy trilogy. My hope is that the book will be available in late August or early September.

Then Rinda and I will likely turn our attention to either Ian for his final book in the Unbreakable Bonds series or we will finally jump back into the Pineapple Grove series to give the sweet B&B owner Wesley Blake a hand at fending off the evil property developer Nathan Randall.

No, we have not forgotten about the Pineapple Grove series.

We just had to get caught up with Ward Security and Unbreakable Bonds. You meet Wesley in SOMETHING ABOUT JACE and see him in the FREE novella DREW & MR. GRUMPY. Get caught up on the South Florida fun now!

Whether it’s Unbreakable #8 or Pineapple Grove #2, the book will likely be out in October or early November.

I am still debating whether I’m going to add another book to my Ice & Snow Christmas series. I was planning to write only three novellas for it, but a new story has started to come to me, and I would hate to leave someone without love during the holidays. If I write one, it will be out on Black Friday, right after Thanksgiving in November.

A Writer’s Retreat for Planning

Rinda and I are heading to a writer’s retreat for the first week of May. There, we will be writing, plotting, and making plans for 2019 and beyond. Both the Unbreakable Bonds and Ward Security series are winding down. It’s time to pull out our wish lists and discuss what new adventures we want to tackle next.

We’re hoping to come back from the retreat with Rowe’s book plotted and several new book ideas simmering on the backburners.

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1 thought on “What’s Next? A Look at the Line Up for 2019”

  1. So excited that Rowe & Noah are getting another book. Noah is my favorite and he & Rowe are perfect together. I love the other characters in the series, but Noah just holds a special place in my heart.

    I was hoping y’all would write several more books in the Ward Security Series. There are characters you’ve mentioned in other books and you could continually bring in new characters. However, as a writer, I understand wanting to visit new ideas. I was hoping Shanes’s business partner might find his HEA.

    In conclusion, I love both series and have read and re-read all of the books numerous times. So, thank you for your hard work and dedication to both your readers and the wonderful characters you’ve created!

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