Killer Bond Is Out Today!

Woot! Another Ward Security is available today!

Rinda and I are excited to announced that Killer Bond, the fifth book in the Ward Security series, is now out.

This book is a little different from the other books in the series. We used James Bond, super spy, as our inspiration for this book while playing with the “fish out of water” trope.

If you haven’t caught the description of Killer Bond, here it is:

Daniel Hendricks wants a vacation. Ward Security’s accountant and resident code breaker just needs a little R&R from the chaos and usual shenanigans of the office.

But what was supposed to be a sexy vacation hook-up explodes in his face when he’s mistaken for a rogue secret agent.

Now he’s on the run with CIA agent Edward Raines from Bermuda to Barcelona to Paris as they try to find the secrets the real rogue was attempting to sell before another foreign spy does.

The chemistry between them is off the charts, but how is Daniel supposed to trust a man who had originally set out to kill him?

If you’re not familiar with Daniel Hendricks, you can find a write-up of him here.

And if you haven’t started the Ward Security series, now is a great time. Here is the reading order for the Ward Security series:

Psycho Romeo

Dantes Unglued

Deadly Dorian

Jackson (novella)

Sadistic Sherlock 

King of Romance (short story collection)

Killer Bond

We are currently working on the next book in the Unbreakable Bonds series, which will focus on Rowe and Noah. We are hoping to have it out later this summer for your enjoyment. As soon as we have an official date for the release, we will be announcing it on social media and on our blog. Stay tuned for all the excitement.

We hope that you enjoy Daniel and Edward. Happy reading!

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