Traveling the World for Books

I love to travel.

I don’t much for the packing a bag part or the long security lines at the airport.

But once I arrive at a place, I’m ready to jump in to exploring new places and trying new foods.

The travel bug bit pretty hard when I was in school. I was wooed into advanced classes in junior high with the promise of a foreign exchange program where I could spend a couple weeks in France.

At the sweet age of 15, I jetted off with a couple dozen other kids to France. (I don’t know how my parents did it.) It was my first time on a plane and my first time in a foreign country. My French wasn’t great and jet lag was a wicked, horrible thing, but I got to spend three days in Paris seeing so many amazing sights before we traveled east to the town of Nancy. There, I spent two weeks with a family while attending school with another student. I was also stuck in bed for about a week of that with the flu.

But that didn’t stop me.

I was also lucky enough to land a couple amazing jobs that enabled me to travel. I’ve been to New York City, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Charlotte, and Baltimore for work. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to Panama, Uruguay, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and England for work. I’m currently hoping to add Australia to my list in the next couple of years.

After years of incredible experiences, I’ve been dying to place them in a book. When the idea hit to do a spy novel, I knew I’d be able to tap my years of travel for great experiences. I could add the wonder I’ve felt when I’ve seen these places for the first time.

Daniel from Killer Bond loves many of the same places that I love. He was my opportunity to experience these places for the first time again.

Looking ahead, some of my top places to visit are Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, and Russia.

I am also hoping to revisit London and Paris with my husband. He hasn’t been to either yet and I want to share my passion for those lovely cities with him.

And if you can’t get away, KILLER BOND is a great way to experience several exotic locations along with a sexy new romance.