A Summer Snow Storm

July ended up being an incredibly busy month for writing. Not only did I work on the joint project, All for Wesley, with Rinda, but I also knocked out my annual holiday novella for the Ice and Snow Christmas series.

Now I will admit that when I started the Ice and Snow Christmas series, I was only planning to write three novellas. I just wanted to create three happy romantic holiday romps about some friends.

Walking on Thin Ice was my first chance to write a fake boyfriend story. And I got the chance to fall in love with Spenser and Evan.

Ice, Snow, & Mistletoe was a second-chance romance. And yeah, Oz and John definitely won a special place in my heart.

And then Snowball’s Chance was an enemies-to-lovers story featuring the temperamental Adam and Jason.

I thought I was done.

But then a few readers started poking me about Adam’s newly divorced older brother, Jack.

And that got me thinking.

Is it ever too late to find love? Or even make some important discoveries about yourself?

For Jack, that answer is a big fat NO!

I loved writing Jack’s unexpected at finding love later in life.

Unlike the other stories that take place right around the holiday season, Jack’s story stretched over about six months as he meets the man that will unexpectedly capture his heart. By falling in love and making a relationship work with an ex-wife and two young kids is a littler harder than Jack was counting on.

The novella is now done and in the safe hands of my editors. I thought I’d share the writing progress for this book. It didn’t take me long to outline it, but the long blank spots in my writing schedule are from when I switched books to work on the new Pineapple Grove novel. While I write two books at the same time, I tend to only work on one book per day.

And with all books that I tend to work on, I put in a big push during the last week to make my deadline.

This second chart is always my favorite. I love seeing how just a couple thousand words a day steadily accumulate to a full story. There are days that a few thousand words never feel like they are enough, but this upward climb always helps to keep my writing in perspective.

Jack and Corbin’s story doesn’t have a title yet, but it will be out on Friday, November 29 (Black Friday). In the meantime, you can grab up the other three novellas in Ice and Snow Christmas series now.


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