Books 1 & 2 of the Crux Survivors Series

Note: These sexy novels were originally published with Samhain Publishing through my pen name, Dani Worth. Only the cover has changed. The content is the same.


Seventeen years after the Crux Virus wiped out most of the world’s population, Ross is doing what he can to keep his small community in what was once New Mexico safe. He’s made a habit of collecting survivors. They’re all family, especially Jenna and Dorian.

Now, at thirty, Ross hopes to find a love of his own on supply runs, but his heart has long been snagged by his two best friends.

Alone with his tangled emotions, Ross is about to discover that his friends have their own ideas about their relationship…and everything is about to change.


Chase Hawthorne is on the run from a ghost. The shooting that took his little sister and scarred him left far deeper scars on his brother Tripp’s soul. Driven to pull up stakes and head for the most haunted place in Louisiana, Chase hopes to prove to Tripp there is no ghost of their sister beckoning from the afterlife.

When they come upon upon a young woman fighting off raiders, the Hawthornes don’t hesitate to help the first female they’ve seen in years. Chase tries to ignore his instant attraction, hoping Tripp will feel something, too—and emerge from his frightening depression.

Keera has been alone too long, and scarred, difficult Chase makes her feel things she never thought she’d feel again. Tripp may be the needier brother, but it’s Chase she wants.

Letting people too close comes with risks. Both Keera and Chase must accept the possibility that there’s more to life—and love—than simple survival.