Book 1 of The Sisters of Fate trilogy

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power
to change the world’s destiny.
But only if they survive…
The Lockwood triplets have had the prophecy drummed into their heads since birth. Still, Raven, the eldest of the sisters, can’t believe it’s really happening. She’s the reincarnation of a Norse goddess? One of the sisters is destined to die? When it starts snowing in summer in Florida, the sisters fear the worst has come to pass. Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world, has begun.

Raven finds herself the secret protector of Vanir, a boy with two wolves, a knowledge of Norse magic and a sense of destiny he can’t quite explain. He’s intense, sexy and equally determined to save her when it becomes clear someone is endangering them. Raven doesn’t know if getting closer to him will make a difference in the coming battle, but her heart isn’t giving her a choice.

Ahead of the sisters is the possibility of death at the hand of a warrior, death by snow, death by water or death by fire.
Or even from something else…

Sisters of Fate
The prophecy doesn’t lie: one is doomed to die.


Foretold drops us into a world on the brink of destruction and keeps us on the run from beginning to end, engaging our minds with prophetic puzzles while warming our cheeks with a romance helped along by the heavy hitters of Norse mythology.

Supernatural Snark

Shiver was everything I hoped for and more. I didn’t want to put it down. I loved these characters. It is an alpha-male hot mess (I mean that in the best possible ways). In m/f romance, a caveman mentality is a big turn off, but if you pair that up with another caveman alpha-male…fireworks!

I Smell Sheep

Perfect start to the series. Suspenseful. Action-packed. Fascinating mythology. Romance. Raven is a fierce heroine and Vanir is totally awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens with Kat and Coral. Waiting is going to slay me.


The characters are fantastically well created and established, each with their own secrets, agendas and personality. I loved every chapter, was truly gripped as the plot became more complex and I finished it in 2 days because I couldnt put it down.

Soul Chaser Becky