Thick As Thieves

MM Romantic Suspense

The Kithran Regenesis

MMF Science-Fiction Romance

Erotic space opera & post-apocalyptic.

Crux Survivors

Erotic post-apocalyptic compilation of books one and two. After the Crux is MMF and Sole Survivors is MF w/ a return of the MMF characters from book one. In Kindle Unlimited!

The Brothers Berneaux

MF Paranormal Romance

Sexy southern Gothic paranormal romance with Cajun food and curses and yummy romance! In Kindle Unlimited!

Beri O’Dell Series

MF Paranormal Romance

A mix of urban fantasy, horror and romance featuring Beri O’Dell and an ensemble cast of supernaturals. A pyro witch, an androgynous necromancer and a sexy immortal Minoan warrior.