Rinda’s Books

Rinda has been writing everything from urban fantasy to sexy menage space operas. Her UF Beri O’Dell series, while on temporary hiatus, centers around a woman with no clue about who or even what she is. While she’s battling supernatural monsters, this former loner builds a group of unique friends who become her family. There are two books released in the series so far. Dweller on the Threshold and Blood of an Ancient. Rinda plans to jump back into Beri’s world–her story is not even close to being done.

Her completed young adult trilogy with Harlequin Teen, Sisters of Fate, is also available and it tells the simultaneous stories of triplets who have to split up to stop their mother from doing something that could possibly end the world. These are fun, paranormal romances that blend Norse mythology into a contemporary world for the teen and up crowd! They are best read in order. Foretold, Forecast, and Foresworn.

Rinda has also written a sexy, southern Gothic. Raisonne Curse is the first in The Brothers Bernaux trilogy.

And if that doesn’t sound like enough of an interest in different genres, she’s been publishing erotic post apocalyptic and space opera series under the pen name Dani Worth. These are mostly menage romances–M/M/F–so Rinda is certainly not new to writing LGBT fiction.

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