Unbreakable Stories: Lucas

Short Story Collection #1.5

This special collection of features 5 short stories and 1 novelette.

It will include special Author’s Editions of the previously released free short stories. (And don’t worry, the original versions of the free short stories will continue to be available here.)

The collection will also include at two brand new, never-seen-before short stories as well as a brand new novelette.  At a minimum, the book will be approximately 30,000 words. In other words, a lazy afternoon read.

All the stories will focus on Lucas and Andrei, but all the main characters (Snow, Ian and Rowe) will make an appearance within the collection. The stories in this collection will occur after the events of Shiver, book 1, but before the events of Shatter, book 2.

Unbreakable Stories: Lucas includes:

The Meeting


Te Iubesc

I Want More