You Are Not Doing The Thing!

Rin--No Joce, we are not killing ....-I’m taking this space today to goof off and tease Jocelynn. Or, just share some of our funny conversations. We talk daily now because we’re working so closely together on these books and stories. it’s great! We are there for the other when we get upset and trust me, that happens a lot when your books go out into the world. And we are there for the fun stuff. Here are some of our funnier moments. If bad words bother you, don’t read. 😉

We had a Saturday plot phone call scheduled. These can last hours. Here are the texts Rinda got right before the call.

Joce– “Are you ready?”
Joce– “Do you need to pee first?”
Rinda, answering phone. “Do I need to pee first? Really? Do you have any idea how much you can sound like Lucas sometimes?”
Joce– “And this is surprising to you?”
Which is EXACTLY how Lucas would have responded…


Joce text- “Work sucks today. Send me pretties!!”
Rinda texts multiple gorgeous pics.
Joce– “You’re my own wicked dirty fairy godmother.”


Joce text- “I have this wrestling scene with ___ and ___.”
Rinda texts this image.
Joce– “LOL. That is NOT what I had in mind.”
Rinda-“It’s so funneeeeee.”


Rinda-“I’ve lost my will to write.”
Joce in email for emphasis… “NO MORE REVIEWS FOR YOU.”


Jocelynn in a hotel after a long drive. It was book trailer creation week for Rinda and she sent poor Jocelynn a bunch of versions that day.

Rinda– “Sorry for the rough day. And, er, all my emails. LOL”
Joce-“I love your emails. I loved the drive. My butt did not.”
Joce- “I can’t get the wifi to work, so it’s a sign I should read and not work tonight. I finished the last of those dragon shifter books you told me about. Need something new.”
Rinda– “I’ve been on an MMM kick. Just finished Nicole Colville’s Saving Samuel and Discovering Dalton. Oh, and you’ll like Absolution by Sloane Kennedy—ASSASSIN.”
Joce– “Hey now! You’ve never thrown a third M at me before.”

Joce– “Dreamed about Channing Tatum last night. We kissed. It was so real, I woke up feeling guilty!”
Rinda– “Did you lick his abs?”
Joce– “If I had realized it was a dream I would have done a hell of a lot more than kissing. Damnit!”


On April 25th… We’re both antsy because our second book SHATTER is about to go live…

Joce text- “Why the fuck isn’t it midnight?”
Rinda two hours later–just checking her phone after all the exchanged emails- “Just saw this. LOL.”
Joce– “It’s midnight for me. Happy release day!”


Joce– “Just finished with The Meeting. Added about 2K. Made it a little dirty. <g> Okay. Made it a lot dirtier than it was.”
Rinda– “Yay for dirty!”
Several emails later. Bitching about how we live too far apart.
Rinda– “Problem is, I like snuggly cold weather and fireplaces and you like living on the sun.”
Joce-“You can still have a fireplace in the south. I’ll just jack up the air conditioning. Lol”
Rinda, who hadn’t expected an answer right back. “It’s like one thirty there! What are you doing up?  What the fuck am I doing up?”

Hope you guys are enjoying SHATTER. Guess what? The first free short story featuring Snow and Jude is coming…MONDAY!! So stay tuned. 🙂


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