A Fixer Named Rowe

Last week, I talked about how Lucas is my spirit animal and Andrei is my balm. (Click here if you didn’t catch that article)

This week I thought I’d visit with Rowe since the man is currently my entire life. We were cruel to Rowe in Shatter. I won’t say exactly how if you’ve haven’t read Shatter yet. (But really… you need to jump on that book so you can catch up on him and Snow.) Sometimes these things happen. Life is cruel at times.cover, guide

But what happened to Rowe in Shatter isn’t what I wanted to talk about today.

I wanted to chat about Rowe, the man, before the events of the Unbreakable Bonds series and well as what he means to me.

Rowe isn’t exactly a slice of me the same way Lucas is. When I see Rowe in my mind with his smirky little grin and devilment twinkling in his eyes … I see my brothers. I see their sense of humor and their great capacity for love and joy. With Rowe, I have my brothers’ compassion and kindness and sense of justice.

If there is a piece of me in Rowe, it’s his need to fix things. Where Lucas jumps in and takes control before things have a chance to go off the rails, Rowe is the type who must jump in and fix things once they’ve gone to hell.  He’s a hands-on, get down in the dirt type of guy.

He’s also a “shortest distance to the goal” type of guy. When he sees his target, he goes straight after it, which means that he’s willing to use somewhat illegal means to get the job done. He hates red tape, paperwork, and hoops. (All of which drives some of the people who work for him insane.) He’s careful to make sure that the innocent aren’t harmed, but he hates to get bogged down in what he’d call bureaucratic nonsense.

What Rowe needs is someone who will slow him down, force him to think about his actions before he jumps in. Make him take the legal route rather than the fastest. Or at the very least, consider it.

That’s not what Rowe’s going to get.

He’s getting an enabler. And God help the world. I’m not sure we’re all going to survive it, but at least it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

In case you haven’t heard, Rowe is the main character of the third book, Torch. (You can get some of the details here.) We haven’t announced a release date yet, but that will be coming soon along with a pre-order link.

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