How about a little music today? We are neglecting the blog a bit. It’s a good thing–means we’re hard at work on Devour. And we are! We did have a rough start with it but things are smoothing out and fun, suspenseful, and sexy scenes are happening. So, while most of our creativity is going to the story, this blog will probably have a few stretches of quiet. We are, however, online often in our reader’s group on Facebook.



It’s called Unbreakable Readers.

One thing that has been strange for me and Devour is my inability to nail down a full soundtrack. I have some songs that seem to get me in the right mood, but I’m still switching a lot in and out. I’m weird. I can listen to music with lyrics to get in the right place, but once I’m actually writing, I have to switch to instrumental and it’s HARD to find good instrumental. Classical, while I like some, doesn’t work. I tend to go for bands like Solar Fields, Mogwai, Asbestoscape, All India Radio. I like game soundtracks because I want some kind of beat, heat and emotion. (Solar Fields’ Mirror’s Edge Video game soundtrack ROCKS.) Rob Dougan put out a double CD with the first half full of lyrics and in the second, instrumental versions of every song. I’d LOVE for more bands to do that, but can’t imagine how expensive that would be.

So anyway, here are a few songs that seem to stay in my Devour rotation. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something new you like. I use Youtube to show the music, but all are available at either Amazon or Itunes.

And then, the instrumental version