Step into a world where humans live side by side with vampires, werewolves, elves, trolls, goblins, pixies, sirens, and many creatures you may have never even heard of.  While they don’t all get along, they do have one enemy in common … the witches and warlocks that live up in the Ivory Towers.

But there is a way for everyone to get a little bit of an edge in life, though the use of magic potions in tattoos. Need some good luck? Help with your love life? A little boost for getting that new job?  A tattoo might be just what you need.

In The Asylum Tales, you meet a tattoo artist, Gage Powell. A former warlock-in-training, Gage has escape and is now hiding out in Low Town as a tattoo artist at the Asylum Tattoo Parlor.  With the help of a troll named Bronx and an elf named Trixie, they can create the perfect tattoo to meet your unique needs.

Of course, Gage has a knack for finding trouble while trying to avoid the notice of the Ivory Towers. Whether he’s dodging werewolf thugs, cranky vampires or just the Grim Reaper, Gage works hard to protect his friends and still have a bit of fun.

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