Rinda’s Torch Playlist

In addition to the playlist, Jocelynn and I want to thank our readers for showing such enthusiasm for our upcoming release, TORCH! It broke three top fifty lists at Amazon in pre-orders. You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much for helping spread the word on our independent project. Reviews at Amazon–even one liners–help get us into more searches, etc.  SHIVER and SHATTER are creeping up on the hopeful 50 reviews mark.

Also, see that box to the right? Yes, we are going to be putting together a newsletter so those of you who love getting email reminders of news can keep up. We will not be spamming the addresses added there–we’ll only be sending out newsletters and only whenever there is release information, etc.

We also have a fun group on Facebook called Unbreakable Readers. We let our freak fly a bit in there and readers are very welcome!

So, I have playlist for TORCH that actually changes often. Rowe is an interesting character and the events of SHATTER changed him, so it’s been a trip delving into who he is now and if that rascally, tough man can be lured back out. So many emotions in this book! So here are the songs playing right this minute in my TORCH playlist. Okay, not all of them. The list is a lot longer. 😉