Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Snow

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(Disclaimer: Whatever happens during this week is hypothetical and non-canonical to the Unbreakable Bonds series. In other words, what happens here doesn’t necessarily happen in the series.  We will try to be non-spoiler-y if you haven’t read the series, but keep in mind that they are romance novels and our boys are in love.)




Curse words greeted Jude the moment he crossed the threshold to his home. He shut the door behind him as quietly as possible and walked to the bottom of the stairs. When more growls and four letter words sounded from above, he covered his mouth to muffle the laugh he couldn’t stop. Real aggravation laced Snow’s deep voice and Jude shook his head when his dick instantly showed interest. Nothing did it for him like his pissed off boyfriend.

Snow had no idea he had traded half his shift today so he could come home and surprise him for Valentine’s Day. His planned evening wasn’t until much later, but he figured they had plenty of things they could do to fill in the time until then.

With that in mind, he started unbuttoning his uniform. He’d go ahead and throw it into the washing machine and head into the shower before he greeted his partner. There were things that came with his job that required lots of soap and hot water. But the loud “Fuck!” that slammed down the stairs actually sounded pain-filled, so Jude changed direction and walked up the stairs. He’d just peek in on Snow and make sure he was okay.

The next curse broke off when his shoes made noise on the wooden stairs.


Snow was suddenly at the top of the stairs. He wore a pair of ragged jeans and an old sweatshirt. His hair looked like it did when he first awakened in the mornings, sticking up all over the place. It was a trait they both shared—though Snow’s hair didn’t nest up quite as much as his did.

His general frowned, his cheeks flushed. “What are you doing home so early?”

Jude lifted an eyebrow. “It’s a bad thing?”

“No, of course not. It’s just I thought I had more time.”

Intrigued, Jude slipped off his shirt and took two more steps closer to Snow.

Snow’s gaze dropped to his chest, his lids dropping with lust.

Damn. Jude stopped moving, gaze locked on his partner because the heat they generated still had the power to shut him down with shock. “I made plans for tonight, so I thought I’d come home a bit early to give us a little alone time.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t all of today be alone time?” Sharp blue eyes widened. “Are we doing something with others tonight?”

“First, I love the horrified note in your voice. Second, no. It’s just you and me, General.” He took another step. “But I thought we could get started early.”

Snow growled. “Well…shit.” He sighed and waved Jude past him. “Your gift isn’t done, but you might as well see now.”


“Yeah.” Snow pointed toward the fourth bedroom they’d decided would eventually be a workout space.

Jude strode down the hall, his eyebrows nearing his hairline when saw the completely changed room. “You did this in one day?” Awe filled his voice as he stepped inside and took in the changes. A wall mounted television, ceiling fan, treadmill…the massive personal home gym they’d been eyeing online. And a corner of… scattered parts. Ahh… that explained the frustration.

“I wanted to have it done before you got home.” Snow’s lip curled as he eyed the pieces. “I hired people to do the personal gym, but thought I’d take care of the last thing.” He growled. “I have the highest success rate for bladder cystectomies and I can’t fucking put together a stupid rowing machine.”

Jude could barely speak past the lump in his throat and the heat tearing through his body. He stared at his sexy, disgruntled partner and thought again how lucky he was. He wouldn’t have thought Snow capable of something so thoughtful before he’d gotten to know him, but since he had, he was touched so, so often. He spun on his heel and continued stripping as he strode toward their bedroom. “God I love you. I’m going to shower and then help.”

Snow followed him just to the doorway. “Why shower first? Trust me, you’ll get sweaty and frustrated.”

Jude turned and spoke as he backed into the room. “Because I just left work and I plan to give you a huge thank you fuck before I even pick up a ratchet.”


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