Meet Sven Larsen


Sven Larsen works as a protection agent for Ward Security. He’s thirty-four years old, and prides himself on his self-discipline and self-control. He’s independent, private, and doesn’t have social media accounts. He’s a big man at 6’7″ and has the type of broad, heavy form that can easily turn to fat, so he works out often. (Our actual inspiration for Sven is the model Lasse Matberg. We have a lot of images on our Tumblr and our reader’s group Unbreakable Readers!

In addition to his work as a bodyguard, one of his favorite things to do is teach the self-defense courses that Ward offers. He sincerely believes it’s important for a person to know how to defend themselves, to be aware and capable in dangerous situations. So he uses the large and strong form that nature gave him to advantage to help others. He studies martial arts and boxing and when he moved to Ohio, he was happy to land the job at Ward Security. He’s been there two years and originally moved to Cincinnati with his younger sister when she was offered a management job at the Macy’s headquarters. They have three other siblings—all older brothers—but Sven and Alida were always the closest. They spent most of their time together until the last year when she got married and started a family.

Sven isn’t into the club scene and has to be in them enough while on the job, so meeting someone just hasn’t been a priority. He occasionally hooks up with men—ones similar in build—but that’s never been a priority either. Though he’s protective and can come off fierce and remote, he’s actually pretty calm. But he’s also stubborn and has trouble relating to people who live life loudly, both in person and online. And though he’s often incredibly attracted to men much smaller than himself, he stays away for very personal reasons.

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