Sneak Peek of Dantès Unglued

We are only a week away from the release of Dantès Unglued, book 2 of the Ward Security series. I thought I’d offer up two pieces of fun, good news today. First, if you have not tried the first book in the Ward Security series, Psycho Romeo, it is now in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you are part of Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free here. That’s plenty of time for you to get ready for the release of Dantès Unglued.

And the second bit of good news is that I’ve got a little preview of all the goodness that’s tucked away in our next book.  ENJOY!


Shane sat next to him and put his feet on the small wicker coffee table. He rested the back of his head on the couch and looked at the sky, too. “It’s a beautiful night.”

It was. Stars twinkled like gold and white glitter in the clear sky and it was still warm enough to be comfortable out—though he wouldn’t mind snuggling under a blanket out here. With Shane. His nerves had left. Shane might excite the hell out of him, but he had a welcoming, easy-going nature that put Quinn at ease, too. He rolled his head to look at the man and found him watching him.

And like that, the nerves zapped back to life. The man might talk of no-strings fun, but his dark eyes probed constantly, making him feel like Shane wanted to know everything about him—down to his deepest secrets.

Not that he had that many. He was just an ordinary guy whose life mostly consisted of a great job and caring for his mother in a ridiculously expensive home.


Shane chuckled, breaking into his thoughts. “I’ve developed a strange fetish over your glasses.”

Quinn lifted his eyebrows. “My glasses?”

“Yeah.” He leaned closer, his breath ghosting over Quinn’s lips. “They complement your face perfectly, and I like the way they match your hair. But you know what?” He sat up, plucked them off, and gently placed them on the table. Then he grabbed two fistfuls of Quinn’s shirt and pulled him down on top of him on the couch. “You’re just as gorgeous without them. Your eyes are so blue.”

But Shane was the gorgeous one. With his long, lean and tight body and his dark hair. A hint of scruff had grown on his cheeks and chin, and it looked so good on him. Quinn could never grow any facial hair. He buffed his cheek on Shane’s chin, loving the hint of burn.

They had to shuffle around to fit and finally, Shane opened his legs so Quinn could lie between them. He held his breath as every nerve in his body jumped into a higher state of excitement. “You feel good. Shit, Shane.” He rubbed his rapidly filling dick against the man underneath him, feeling the softness of his balls behind the jeans.

“Yeah,” Shane breathed. “Move on me.” He gripped both globes of Quinn’s ass and squeezed, grinding up into him. One of his hands slid up Quinn’s back to his neck. “Kiss me.”

Quinn didn’t hesitate to slash his lips across Shane’s. Again, he marveled over the way they fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. No matter how he moved his head, Shane followed in sync. Long, drugging kisses followed, one after another, and the whole time Quinn rocked his hips, loving the hard grip of Shane’s long fingers on his ass. He wedged his hand down until he could run it down the side of Shane’s chest, feeling tight muscles and a hint of ribs. Shane’s tongue twined with his and he sucked on it, then remembered what he’d wanted in his mouth earlier.

He pulled back from Shane, loving how the man followed him up, not ready to let go of his lips. He could guess what he looked like, lips swollen, eyes glazed, but however he looked, Shane seemed to like it because his breath caught as he stared. It stopped Quinn a moment as he looked back, something low in his body growing warm.


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