The Bounty of Book Bundles

Rinda and I are staying busy with the recent launch of Dantès Unglued as well as writing the next Ward Security book, Deadly Dorian. If you missed it, I let out a little sneak peek to the book in a blog post over the weekend. You can catch it here.

If you are just now catching up to the crazy world that Rinda and I have created, I’ve got to say that your timing is excellent.

Not only are there 2 books out for Ward Security, with another on the way very soon, but there are 8 books out for Unbreakable Bonds.

I’ve seen that some people like to have their ebooks in bundles so that they can just read from one book to the next, in the right order, without stopping.  I get it. I’ve picked up a few bundles myself because I got addicted to characters or an author’s storytelling style.

Well, I’ve got good news.

Rinda and I have created a couple bundles for the Unbreakable Bonds series.

The Unbreakables: Volume 1 contains:


Unbreakable Stories: Lucas


It is the exact same content as the individual books. They are just packaged together for your ease.

The bundle is available only on Amazon and only as an ebook. Click here to get your copy.

The Unbreakables: Volume 2 was released last week and contains:

Unbreakable Stories: Snow



The bundle is available only on Amazon and only as an ebook. Click here to get your copy.

The only stories that are not currently placed in a bundle are Unbreakable Stories: Rowe and Unbreakable Stories: Ian. But don’t worry. You can still get those collections individually.

Plus, I may have a plan in place for a final Unbreakables bundle, but that won’t be out until much later in the year.

If readers like these bundles, Rinda and I will look into bundling some of the Ward Security books once we get more released.

Now it’s time to get back to writing.