Let’s Cuddle for Valentine’s Day

Unbreakable Stories Ian

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s never been a holiday that I’ve looked forward to celebrating. (Trust me, if it could go wrong on this day, it has.)

However, the Ward Security and Unbreakable Bonds boys pride themselves on being fantastic at romancing their lovers.

That’s why Rinda and I wrote a series of short stories showing what these guys get up to on Valentine’s Day. I think it goes without saying that their idea of romance is a little outside the norm.

For the Ward Security boys, we created a short story collection called King of Romance.

In this collection, you get cute stories for:

  • Geoffrey and Sven
  • Shane and Quinn
  • Marc and Royce
  • Abe and Dom

To grab your copy of King of Romance, click here.

For the Unbreakable boys, we collected all the Valentine’s Day stories in the Unbreakable Stories: Ian collection.

Catch up with:

  • Lucas and Andrei
  • Snow and Jude
  • Rowe and Noah
  • Ian and Hollis

To grab your copy of Unbreakable Stories: Ian, click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope it’s romantic and cuddly. If not, just cuddle up with the Unbreakable or Ward Security boys!