A Holiday Surprise: New Books

I know what you’re thinking…

New Books?!?!?! We’re getting new books!

New books are always a good thing.

So, a few months ago in our Facebook Group, Unbreakable Readers, we opened the door to readers to ask the characters questions.

And they did. A lot.

And the characters from Unbreakable Bonds, Ward Security, Pineapple Grove, and Weavers Circle answered.

We decided, since some of the answers were pretty darn funny, we’d collect them all in a book called BETWEEN THE SHEETS: CHARACTERS SHARE WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN THE BOOKS. We’ve also included the short story, “He’s Too Young”.

For a limited time, we are giving this fun collection away for FREE. Be sure to grab your copy before it disappears! Click here to download the book.

At the same time, we moved The Unbreakable B from our free offering. We released it a year ago and it’s a fun story about how the guys prepare for Ian’s wedding by going to Lucas’s stylist B.

Of course, as you would expect, insanity breaks completely loose. There are insane stories of chickens, duct tape, and possibly a foiled robbery.

If you have not grabbed your copy yet, you can pick it up on Amazon now. Click here to grab your copy!

We hope that you enjoy these short stories! We’ll have more news coming soon of what to expect for 2021.