Final Lover Is Now Out!

Today is a bittersweet day.

I’m so happy to announce that Final Lover is now available. I have loved writing the insane romance of Justin and Gabriel. I would plan out the events of the book, but the characters always managed to surprise me with their antics.

I’m sad to be saying good-bye to them, but I’m so glad to leave them in a good place for their happily ever after.

Here is a quick description of their latest adventure:

Two assassins meet, don’t kill each other, and fall in love.

It’s happily ever after, right?

Not so fast.

Reformed mercenaries Justin Mallory and Gabriel Prescott have taken the big leap of living together. They’re even working together.

But “one last job” has them taking a falsely accused man and his young son into their home for safe keeping.

While dodging bullets and fellow hitmen out for the $27 million bounty, Justin and his G Love realize that falling in love was the easy part. Building a life together might be more than they bargained for.

Join Justin and Gabriel for their final adventure as they protect an innocent man and uncover the missing piece to their forever.

You can get your copy here:

If you haven’t started the Exit Strategy series yet, now is a perfect time. You’ll be able to read the entire series at once!

The Exit Strategy includes:

Deadly Lover

Lover Calling

Vengeful Lover

Final Lover

While I’m sad to say farewell to Justin and his G Love, I am excited to move on to an exciting new series. Rinda and I are currently finishing up the second full-length novel in the Pineapple Grove series. In addition, I am starting a brand new paranormal romance series that will be launching in October.

Happy reading!

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