Story Instincts

Sometimes you have to dump a book if the plot isn’t right. I just had to do that. Thirty thousand words down the drain. But my new plot is better and tighter and I love it more, so it was worth it. But damn, getting rid of all that work is hard.

Jocelynn and I have done this a couple of times. When the story isn’t good enough, your gut gives you hints. When we realize it’s not right, we’ve started over. We end up having better books because of it.

There’s a trick to having two writers put forth a vision of their story. Luckily, Jocelynn and I have similar story instincts, so we’re able to work through our issues. And we do have them, have different ideas on how a character would react to a situation. We just work through it and find a compromise. And honestly, we usually end up in agreement.

I truly enjoy working with a partner on books because I don’t always trust my own story instincts but funny enough, when something is usually niggling the back of my mind, Jocelynn will point that part out. And vice versa. Our partnership works both ways.

When we started Shiver, we had no idea we’d still be writing books together years later, but here we are. And we have more ideas to come. There are still a few more books in Ward Security and one more in Unbreakable Bonds. Even Pineapple Grove has a couple more books. Next up for us is All for Wesley, book two in our Pineapple Grove series. We’re hard at work on it now. The cover is in finals, so we should have that for you soon. We’re excited about Wesley and Nathan’s story and hope you love it.

And don’t forget that we have our recent release, Ignite, out now. Click here to read more about it.


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  1. I cannot wait for all the books you have planned! You are both AWESOME! ???❤️❤️

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