Do You Think They Play?

Torch…isn’t ready yet. Rinda and I are hard at work. I’m up to eyeballs in early chapter revisions, filling in new character details and backstory while writing brand new chapters. But don’t worry. We’ve got a release day picked. We’ve got a book description written. We’ve even got a cover…

But we’re not showing any of that good stuff to the world until next week.IMG_1137

This week… you’ve got me and Pokemon Go. Yeah… yeah… I’m one of those people. I’m out wandering around at night, trying to catch magical creatures. It might seem silly but I’ve walked nearly 10 kilometers that I wouldn’t have otherwise and lost some weight. And it’s making me a little more social.

The strangers I’ve encountered while playing the game have been incredibly nice and helpful. Everyone is just trying to play the game and have fun. When you’re slammed day in and day out with negative news online and on the TV, it’s nice to walk around your neighborhood and be reminded that not everyone has lost their mind and not everyone is cruel and hate-filled.

IMG_1131For fun, I thought I’d share a couple pictures that I took while hunting. The first is of a magikarp that showed up while I was having dinner. No, I was not willing to share with the magical flopping fish.

The second picture is of a psyduck who showed up while I was walking around the lake near my home when I had our puppy Max out. Max is not helpful when it comes to hunting pokemon. He doesn’t understand that I need him to not pull on the leash while I trying to capture the magical creatures.

Now this Pokemon Go craze does raise a much bigger, more important question that I think we need to consider….

Do the men of Unbreakable Bonds play Pokemon Go?

I will give you my thoughts, but I would also love to hear from readers….

Lucas – Definitely not. He thinks it’s ridiculous and just doesn’t get the popularity of the game.

Andrei – Yes, but he doesn’t stick with it long. I think he tries it for a time to see what all the buzz is about, gets annoyed with the frequent server crashes, and then tends to forget that it’s on his phone when he is walking around. He drops it after a couple weeks.

Jude – Yes, and I think he really enjoys it. He uses it partially as an excuse to drag Snow out of the house for a walk in the evenings when they are off together. It’s a good distraction and way to unwind from a long day at work.

Snow – No, but secretly yes.  Snow claims that he’s not playing it because it’s silly, but he always secretly opens the app before going for a walk with Jude so it’s registering his steps, which goes to hatching his eggs. It’s only when he celebrates attaining a pikachu from a 10-km egg that Jude’s on to him. Jude then proceeds to tease him.

Ian – Yes. He loved pokemon when he was young and this brings back good memories for him. He has picture of him and jigglypuff as his avatar on Facebook. He’s already a level 16 and knows all the tricks to the game.

Rowe – Yes, but he doesn’t play often, gets angry about the server crashes, and is really bad at the game.

“Kitten” – (This is the nickname given to the key character to be introduced in Torch by the Unbreakable Readers group) Yes and he likes the game. However, the highlight would be Kitten and Ian ganging up on Rowe and talking trash about how bad he is at it.

Okay! That’s my thoughts. Do you think the boys play?

As you can see, the boys are never far from my mind. I take them shopping with me and hear them whispering in my ear about what they like and don’t like. They ride in the car with me and listen to the radio. And when something like this game comes along, I like to imagine how they might react.

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