My Torch Playlist

When working on a new book, building that perfect playlist can be critical so that you stay in the right head space while writing those fast-paced action scenes or those gripping dramatic moments where you are trying very hard to pull tears out of a reader.

When I first started writing novels, I would spend hours constructing that perfect playlist. Mira and Danaus from the Dark Days series had such great playlists. When I wrote Gage for the Asylum Tales series, he tended to gravitate to certain bands rather than song.

Ahh… but when it comes to the boys of the Unbreakable Bonds… I find that there’s usually a song or two that just kind of sings to me (forgive the pun).

For fun, I thought I’d pop over to Spotify and create a playlist just for Torch. There are a few songs that I wanted  to include in the playlist but I couldn’t find. However, this is pretty solid list and I hope you enjoy it.

In the meantime, Rinda and I are still hard at work finishing up the rough draft of Torch. Checking my assigned chapters, I find that I’ve goew t only three more chapters to write and the rest is Rinda’s. Of course, we still have to make several passes through the entire manuscript revising, rewriting and just making little tweaks as we try to get it a little closer to perfect.

And don’t worry… if you loved Shatter, we still have one more free short story we are planning to release before Torch is finished. (If you haven’t read the free short stories yet, go here.) We are also planning to start posting sneak peeks of Torch in October.

Rinda and I have also planned a summit meeting/writing retreat for this fall. I will be winging to a secret location, where I will meet with Rinda to discuss our future writing plans for not only the Unbreakable Bonds series but new series as well. My hope is that we cook up a solid writing schedule for 2017 so we can keep readers with a steady supply of books. If we’re lucky, we might actually manage to outline a few books/stories while we’re together.

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