Made Families

four friends hugging each other by the shoulders vector silhouette

It’s no secret that Unbreakable Bonds is centered around a made family. This is not a family in blood, but one forged in deep emotion. Friends we love just a little more than friends—maybe even more than flesh and blood brothers and sisters sometimes. This is the kind of story Jocelynn and I discovered we both adore, so when we dove into a project together, that’s what we picked.

Jocelynn and I became friends because of an erotic series I write as Dani Worth that featured made families. I do eventually plan to finish that series when a few issues are worked out, but she fell in love with my Kithran Regenesis, wrote me, and we just clicked. These are MMF space opera romances set around the rebuilding of a planet that went through a cataclysmic disaster that killed nearly an entire race. Each book is set around a menage romance and as the planet comes back together, these families are blending with others, creating made families. Jocelynn liked the world and she liked that the sexy books had a lot of emotion, etc. So, we spent the next few years exchanging long emails where our friendship grew.

Then I introduced her to my favorite books. MM romance. I’ve been a voracious reader of these for more than ten years and got my start in shipped fanfiction stories. She was, of course, hooked. We started tossing around the idea of doing a series together and our mutual friend, Rachel Vincent, urged us to jump in. I am so happy we did.

I’m writing books I’ve always wanted to write. Exciting and yeah, a bit over-the top, action fiction that has sexy men and sexy relationships. I’m a huge action movie junkie and to me, there’s nothing like having something like that in a book—but with two hot guys falling in love with each other. Think Boondock Saints—if they weren’t brothers. LOL.

Made families are a trope I put into nearly everything I write. My Beri O’Dell books have it, my completed YA Norse mythology trilogy has it, I even have two in a post-apocalypse setting that is most definitely a made family series—this is something that speaks to me. It does to Jocelynn as well. She came up with the original four members of our Unbreakable Bonds series and when we decided to try working together, she sent me her idea and I loved it. I added to the mix—plotting and characters—and we dove in because we figured out fast that we shared the same vision for these books.

We have since discovered we really love working together. We bring different strengths to the stories and it’s fun to hash out who is writing what. Hell, we both revise, so sometimes it’s hard to tell who wrote what.

Jocelynn is coming to my neck of the woods next month so we can plot out the final book in Unbreakable Bonds and to get started on another series we’ve been kicking around. It’s one I believe fans of this series will be very happy to hear about. 😉

Torch is coming out in less than a month now, so it’s a great time to catch up on the series! You can read all about it here.