Reading is a Unique Experience

As some know, I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stress with my husband’s health and things resulting from that. Add in a book release which is always nerve wracking and I’ve been finding myself zoning off at the oddest times. Yesterday, it was during a walk to the grocery store. I ended up staring at a dry creek bed under a bridge until one of the many passing cars honked at me. It probably wasn’t the best time and place to zone out. My family calls these Rinda moments. I have a big, noisy family I love like crazy, but I’m also an introvert and a writer who can drop into an imagined scene in a hot minute. So when the need to check out happens, there’s no stopping it.

But I keep mixing up my days. Woke up thinking it was Friday. Yesterday, I woke up thinking it was Tuesday. Then I panicked that my son missed a class this morning because it jumped to Wednesday in my head. In my defense, I’m not sleeping much. There is nothing like a 3 a.m. “Is he breathing?” panic. I met this man as a teenager and I’m in my forties, so we’ve been together a long time.

What’s been great, though, has been the mostly wonderful response to Torch!!! We knew going the-human-experience-is-unique-for-each-individualinto this one–like we do with them all–that there would be different responses. Especially because it’s Rowe and he’s had a rough time. But also because we are all unique individuals who approach books from our own unique perspectives. What works for one just doesn’t do it for another. That’s been one of the hardest parts to learn and accept for me as a writer and as a person who just likes making people happy. But it’s also the beauty of fiction.

There’s something out there for everyone.

One of the fun parts of writing a series featuring different couples, is we get to explore the different dynamics of different characters. It’s also fun to hear that readers identify with one couple more than another. That doesn’t bother us because these guys are all very different–as are the readers peeking into their lives. I made the graphic above not too long ago and never shared it, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s a good reminder for authors and readers that we live in a wonderfully diverse world which thankfully gives us wonderfully diverse stories.

Thanks for giving our stories a try! And if you have time, check out our newly updated bio page. Our mutual friend, Rachel Vincent, recently threw a mini plotting retreat for us and she surprised us with an author photo shoot. Can you tell we had fun?

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