SURPRISE! Let’s End This Year on a High Note!

Surprise! Happy New Year!

This has been a rough year for a lot of people, myself included. I thought about going into some of the things that made it difficult for so many but decided not to. Let’s keep this wonderfully positive!

You see, Jocelynn and I are doing something a little crazy. We’re used to release dates and sending out ARCs and setting up pre-orders…but instead, we said “Screw this, Let’s end 2016 on a better note!”

Not only are we revealing this stunning cover—seriously, Designs by Drake rocks hard—we’re also early releasing Snow’s compilation of short stories and novelette. Like Lucas’s, we included the free online stories so they’re in one convenient place, but we also made some extra sexy. In addition, you get three completely new stories and a novelette! Revisit all our guys for some laughs and some HOLY HELL HOT Snow and Jude time.

So happy New Year readers! We appreciate you guys more than you know! You actually made 2016 so much nicer for us. Links to purchase below! (I left this cover large because DAMN, right?)



6 thoughts on “SURPRISE! Let’s End This Year on a High Note!”

  1. One-clicked and apparently “due to copyright restrictions, not available in my country”?? I’m in the US. Amazon is killing me!

    1. It was apparently still publishing, but it should go through now. Sorry about that! We posted thinking it was live. 😉

  2. What a happy New Year it is with this release. Snow and Jude are my favorite couple of the three. I just love them together. The others are great, but they are the best of the best to me. Thank you.

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