Unbreakable Bonds Reading Party!

The countdown has begun.

Just 34 days left until Devour is released.

Many readers have been anxiously waiting for Hollis and Ian’s book since the two characters were first introduced in Shiver.

Ian has been the heart of this unique band of brothers. He’s their kindness and warmth. He’s also the secret that has bound them tightly together — and those secrets are going to come to light at last.

Hollis has made it his mission to irritate Lucas, Snow, and even at times Rowe. He’s the nosy cop that wants to do the right things … even if it means bending the rules just a little bit so that the little guy wins.

Over the next several weeks, Rinda and I are going to be releasing little snippets from the book along with the cover.

If you’ve been putting off starting the Unbreakable Bonds series, now is a great time to jump in. With the release of Devour, Rinda and I will be closing out the main story arc that has stretched over all four novels.

In fact, the Unbreakable Readers group will be hosting a group re-read starting next week. If you haven’t read the books yet or just want to read them again, we will be working through the books on this schedule:

Week of 3/27 – Shiver

Week of 4/3 – Unbreakable Stories: Lucas

Week of 4/10 – Shatter

Week of 4/17 – Unbreakable Stories: Snow

Week of 4/24 – Torch

During the re-read, we’ll be talking about the books, chatting about favorite scenes, answering questions, and giving away some prizes. Don’t miss out on the fun!

First step, join Unbreakable Readers Facebook Group.

Second step, start reading Shiver.

Third step, join the Group Re-read Event on the Unbreakable Reader group.

Fourth step, HAVE FUN! The first discussion will be on Sunday, April 2.

Happy reading!