Meet Marc Foster From Deadly Dorian

We are less than 17 days away from the release of Deadly Dorian. I think it’s time that we got to know our main characters a little more. I know that I’ve been dying to introduce you to Marc Foster.

Characters sing to you in different ways. We’ve heard from so many readers over the past several years and it’s exciting to hear how different characters are favorites of different readers. Some love Snow and some adore Geoffrey. Others love Rowe and Noah’s crazy antics. Others love Lucas’s bossy seriousness.

While they are all family, you have ones that take up a special place in your heart.

Marc Foster is just one of those characters for me.

Let’s get into some of Marc’s details and background.

Meet Marc Foster

Birth date: June 11, 1990

Eyes: blue

Height: 6’1’

Hair: black

Body type: tall, lean, swimmer’s build

Dominant: left

Facial hair: clean shaven

Marc is the youngest of four kids. He has two brothers and one sister. There are 12 years between him and his oldest brother, 10 years between him and his sister, and 8 years between him and his youngest brother. he was the unexpected surprise of the family. And when he was young, he generally felt like an unwelcome surprise.

His oldest brother was groomed to work at his father’s advertising company, which he did. His sister married her college sweetheart after she got her degree. His youngest brother is thoracic surgeon.

Being the youngest, Marc felt like his parents and even his siblings never really took him seriously. They never truly expected him to do anything great or succeed at anything. They loved him, but they saw it as their job to help him or bail him out whether he asked for it or not.Marc Foster, Royce Karras

The age difference meant that he was never incredibly close to his siblings. They weren’t the people that he turned to when he had a problem. He had a couple close friends growing up he talked to, who helped him through figuring out his sexuality and finally coming out to his family — who weren’t unsupportive, but saw it as a phase or a way of acting out for attention.

He tried his hand as a musician and an artist (painting and sculpting in clay, marble, and wood), but found that while he’s an okay artist, he’s got an amazing skill at identifying new artists, developing talent, and promoting them. He started his first gallery in Cincinnati. He now has incredibly popular galleries in NYC, London, and Hong Kong.

Both of his parents were killed when he was 22 in a plane crash when they were flying home from China. He was raised in an extremely wealthy family and inherited a sizable amount. He has used only a small portion of his inheritance to finance the opening of his galleries. His travel, extensive art and wine collection, and modern house are the result of his own success. The family wealth was evenly distributed among the four kids so there is no fighting over money.

After the death of his parents, Marc engaged in some riskier behavior to drown out the pain of losing his parents. It’s when his path crossed with Snow’s. But where Snow had his friends to save him, Marc came to rely on his art to find a more peaceful and fulfilling existence.Marc Foster, Royce Karras

Despite his success with his gallery and having a reputation of being a maverick within the art world, he is still the little kid seeking the validation of his family. They see his jet-setting life and assume that it’s all parties and crazy artists.

Marc has an enormous heart and he just wants to help. He has a weakness for broken people and wounded souls, but he’s been burned several times in the past where both friends and lovers have used him for his money and connections.

As a result, he’s more hesitant with people now. He finds it difficult to trust. He’s got more acquaintances than friends. He hasn’t dated in a couple years and he’s becoming skeptical of finding someone that he can love. Maybe he should settle for more of a companionship based on common interests and the occasional sex rather than a deep emotional connection.

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  1. I’m in love with this book! Guys you are getting better and better, which is crazy because you started off so strong with Lucas and Andrei.

  2. Looking forward to this book. My faves still remain Snow and Jude. Are there any more short story books in the pipeline for the guys from unbreakable bonds? I re-read the ones I have all of the time.

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