Are You Ready for Fracture?

Jocelynn and I now have a bunch of books out and because our Ward Security series is a spin-off of Unbreakable Bonds, the timelines all run together. That makes writing more books in the series very tricky indeed. You wouldn’t believe how often I have to pull up a book to check facts.cover, guide, Rowe

For Snow and Jude, three years have gone by since their book, Shatter. These two have a deep, passionate, and strong relationship. Neither Jocelynn nor I wanted to mess with that.

Did we give them challenges? Hell yeah.

But would we mess with their HEA? Never.

So, you can go into the book without being scared. Now, as far as challenges, we did mess with poor Jude’s family. Hey, life happens and in fiction, bigger than life happens.

Fracture is us being back to our exciting action scenes, and boy, did we have fun writing this book!

And of course, it’s sexy. It’s our boys, so how could it not be?

It’s also dark in places and will have a trigger warning.

But we’ve seen readers worrying that we broke up our Snow and Jude and wanted to reassure—that is not something that would ever happen with these two.

Fracture is due to release on March 29, so you have a little over a month to wait. We hope you’re just as excited as we are! We’ll have pre-order links and a cover up soon!

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The countdown is on for Snow and Jude’s new book. Are you ready to get back into the Unbreakable Bonds world and visit all the boys? We know we are!

4 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Fracture?”

  1. Cannot wait for this! Yes, I am afraid, but for the challenges and heartbreak they will both be facing, but I cannot wait for the release of Fracture, it has been so long!

  2. So looking forward to this? Love some drama and angst and I knew you wouldn’t mess with their HEA. Love everything you write❤️❤️❤️

  3. I dont know how I’m going to survive waiting!! Lol I’m in the middle of a reread of the series and I may just die in anticipation! I love Snow and Jude so much!

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