Your Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day hasn’t always gone well in the Drake household. In fact, my husband and I have had some rather spectacularly bad ones in the the past. I think it has made us both a little wary of the holiday.

That’s why I had cooked up my own Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

How to Get Out of Valentine’s Day Alive

Step One: Set Up Your Barricade From the Outside World

If you are single, this is a good time to reach out to friends and tell them you have a highly contagious illness that requires lots of sleep and quiet in order to recover properly. If you do this over the phone, make sure to include a lot of wet coughing and sniffles to make it sound convincing.

If you are dating or married, pull your partner close and convince them that barricaded in your home is the only way to safely spend the holiday if you both want to survive. You can order some beautiful fresh flowers from your local Boronia florist (or one where you live) to entice your partner with some floral charm. You may need to promise other things like great movie binges, junk food, video games, and/or sex. It’s okay.

The sacrifices you make now will secure your Valentine’s Day.

Step Two: Get Supplies

Go to the grocery now and get the goods. Yes, this is a holiday where you are allowed to stock up on chocolate, junk food, and other things that taste great but aren’t good for you.

If you are worried about that lack of healthy food, be sure to pick up some chocolate covered fruit. The fruit counteracts all the chocolate calories. Trust me. (Don’t trust me. I’m not a doctor or a dietitian. I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Step Three: Download the Books

This is the most critical step. It will likely be the most time consuming, but it will be worth it in the end. You need to prep your e-reader now. The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is stretched out under a warm blanket reading lots of good books.

And you’re in luck, because there is a killer short story giveaway going on right now!

The MM Valentine’s Day Short Story Giveaway features more than 40 free short stories from some of your favorite authors. What’s more, this is a great opportunity to discover some authors you may have never tried before!

Rinda and I have included a short story collection called King of Romance. Here is a quick description of the collection:

The employees of Ward Security have big plans for Valentine’s Day and they’ve laid down a wager that one of them will claim the title of “King of Romance” by the end of the holiday.

But they will soon find that even the best laid plans can go terribly wrong.

Follow Sven, Quinn, Royce, and Dominic on their Valentine’s Day adventures. Are they worthy of the title of “King of Romance”?

Don’t miss out on all the fun! The giveaway is from February 8 – 15. After the 15th, King of Romance will be sold on Amazon along with many of the other stories. Grab it for free now!

Unbreakable Stories IanAnd as a bonus, did you know that the Unbreakable Bonds boys also have some Valentine’s Day stories?

We’ve tucked all those stories away in the collection Unbreakable Stories: Ian.

Check out how each of the couples spent their first Valentine’s Day together.

And while you’re downloading all your books, be sure to put your ereader on the charger. Get the battery up to 100% before the holiday arrives.

Step Four: Relax

If you’ve completed the other steps, now is the time to kick back in your comfy clothes; snuggle up in a nest of blankets, food, and maybe even alcoholic beverages; and start reading all those great stories you’ve downloaded.

For one day, let the rest of the world slip away as you sink into love and adventure and high jinks with some of your favorite characters.

Happy reading!

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