Ignite is now available

I’m so excited. We’ve got a new story for Rowe and Noah now available.

It’s always fun going back into the Unbreakable Bonds world. The boys are always good for a fun adventure and craziness, but it’s also a chance to see them growing and changing. They’re getting married and having kids. We’re seeing their lives change for the better, even if they include the occasional explosion or car chase.

And that’s exactly what you’d expect in a Rowe and Noah adventure.

If you’ve not picked up your copy yet, here are the details:

Two of Noah’s Army buddies are dead. 

Someone has taken shots at Noah. 

And now Noah’s former lover, JB, is a target.

Noah, Rowe, and JB team up to track down a killer trying to take out all of Noah’s old Army team in hopes of covering up a dark secret. 

But this trip to Washington, D.C. threatens to unravel the perfect life that Rowe and Noah have built over the past three years. JB’s arrival in their lives have Rowe and Noah wondering if they want the same thing for their happily ever after. 

Rowe is sure of one thing—nobody threatens his man. And he sets out to show anyone with a hidden agenda what a bad decision that was.

Sounds like fun, right?

You don’t want to miss a second of this action! Grab your copy right here.

With this book completed, Rinda and I are currently working on the second book of the Pineapple Grove series, called All About Wesley. We are aiming to have the book out in mid- to late September. We will have more details on the book closer to the release date.

What’s more, the last book for the Exit Strategy series is now up for pre-order. Final Lover will be out on August 16. Be sure to lock in your copy now!

Happy reading!