The Big Update

I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Just going a little bit of everywhere at once. We have so many things in the works right now. I thought I’d pop in and give a few details as I know them.

Audiobooks: Apparently there is a backlog in ACX, which handles our audiobooks and releases them through Audible and iTunes. But I think our books have been unclogged and are starting to move through the production tube. FRACTURE was “completed” in quality check on February 19. I’m optimistically (or maybe just deluded) believing that it should be available in two weeks. In addition, CLAIMING MARCUS was “completed” on February 20 and should hopefully be out within two weeks.

We are starting on production for IGNITE any day now and I can’t wait to hear what Kenneth does with Garrett and his flamethrower. After we finish IGNITE, we are jumping directly into SAVING RAFE. Fingers crossed, both IGNITE and SAVING RAFE should be out in March.

New Series: We are getting close. I know it feels like it’s been a while since we had a new book (2 months), but we are nearly done with the first book in new paranormal series Rinda and I are writing. I think we decided on a series name, but we still have to work out the book titles before we announce anything. All the chapters are written and we’re working on the revisions. It will be heading to our editors at the start of March and we’re looking at an April release!

Lords of Discord: We are less than a week away from the release of SAVING RAFE. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on his book! I so fell in love with Rafe and his Philippe. If you have not started this vampire series yet, now is the perfect time to grab CLAIMING MARCUS.

What’s more, I am about halfway done with the third book, which will be Bel’s. It goes to the editors in April and I’m looking for a May release for Bel’s book.

FREE BOOKS: It’s not just about the new books we’ve got for sale. As thanks to readers, we’ve got some free stuff as well. Don’t miss out on grabbing The Unbreakable B. We also have a deleted chapter and a short story. Check out our free stuff here.

In addition, we just finished a novella we will be giving away for FREE at the beginning of May. It’s a Ward Security novella that is almost 40,000 words long! We’ll have more details on it and the new couple you get to meet very soon.

Translations: In case you missed it, we announced at the start of the year that SHIVER will be translated into Italian! SHIVER is already in French. We’ve also heard from our French publisher and they are aiming to have SHATTER out in French later this year and TORCH out in 2021.

Appearances: I’ve got just a couple of appearances around the web to announce.

I will be attending AJ Sherwood’s party in her group AJ’s Gentlemen to celebrate the release of her book Mach’s Perfectly Ghastly Homecoming. The party is on Friday, February 28 and you can join by clicking here.

Rinda will be attending AE Via’s release party in her group, AE’s Alpha Team, on Saturday, February 29. You can join by clicking here.

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  1. Cannot wait for all of these, all the best always Ms. Jocelynn and Ms. Rinda! ❤️❤️❤️

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