Fall in Love With Grey

It’s here! It’s finally here! The wait is over.

You finally get all your questions answered in relation to Grey, his injury, and that nasty question we left at the end of WILD WARRIOR.

We had a lot of fun working on Grey’s book. We were excited to meet the man who could finally crack through Grey’s protective shell and get to the heart of the man.

But we also needed someone who would fit well within the Weavers. We’re steadily building a family and we needed someone who would work in that dynamic.

If you’ve not heard about Blind Warrior yet, here are some details on this book:

Grey Ackles

The Soul Weaver feels useless.

A burden endangering his brothers.

The last battle with the pestilents cost Grey his sight and powers.

Now he’s dependent on his vision rehabilitation therapist Cort to learn how to function on a daily basis.

But as he grows closer to Cort, Grey is left wanting his powers back for a new reason—how will he ever know if the man he’s falling for is actually his soul mate?

Cort Newton

There is some really weird stuff going on at that house.

Spell books, guns, and a giraffe in the backyard?

But no matter how strange it gets, Cort is not going to leave the grumpy writer.

Adjusting to sudden blindness is hard for everyone, but Grey clearly has deeper reason for needing his vision back at any cost. Cort just wished Grey would confide in him.

Even with Grey’s secrets, Cort has never been drawn to a man like he is with Grey and he will do anything to keep this man safe.

Blind Warrior is the third book in the Weavers Circle series. It includes fast-paced action, running through Savannah, secrets, shapeshifting, brainwashed assassins, a gorilla, sexy times, fun with water, insecurity, three crazy old ladies, and magic!

Each book is linked and builds off the previous one. That means you need to read the series in order to keep up with all the action.

But that’s okay! You just get to binge the first three books of this six-book series! Start reading today:

Broken Warrior – Clay has been on the run too long to risk his heart, but this new family needs a leader.

Wild Warrior – A case of mistaken identity has Baer dragging an innocent into danger, but could he also be the key to unlocking Baer’s heart?

Blind Warrior – Wounded Grey worries he’s putting his family in danger with the loss of his powers. Does he have a place in the Weavers any longer?

Both the ebook and print editions of all three books are now available. We will begin recording the audio books with Kirt Graves in January, so the audio books will be available starting in early 2021!

4 thoughts on “Fall in Love With Grey”

    1. YAY! I am so glad. Rinda and I will be starting work on this book in May and it goes to the editors in July. We’re hoping for a late August/early September release. Thanks!

      1. thank god. i just finished reading greys and can’t wait to see what happens next. I am totally addicted. I had to search for an info for the next release… please hurry 😉

        Greetings from Bavaria

        1. Hello!
          We are so glad that you have enjoyed the Weavers Circle so far. We are working hard on the new book. We are hoping to have it out in late August/early September.

          Jocelynn Drake

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