A Bracelet for Our Unbreakable Boys

Several years ago, when burnout threatened due to trying to write too many things at once on too short of deadlines, I came to the realization that it can’t all be about books all the time. I need a break. I need to walk away from the computer, let the brain cells cool off. But at the same time, I still needed to be creating. My mother taught me to embroider – she has a tradition of making patchwork quilts for new babies in the family. And the squares are embroidered with cute animals. My grandmother taught me to knit and my mother also taught me to crochet. I taught myself to cross-stitch. And I recently begun painting. I’ve learned the hard way that music just doesn’t work for me.

Now, keep in mind that I’m not amazing at any of those things above, but I’m good enough to keep my brain busy for a few hours and create something nice in the process.bracelet

After Rinda and I finished  Shatter, it hit me that I wanted to create something to commemorate the series. Something that we would both be able to look at later and remember not only all the awesomeness of the characters, but also the good times we had while writing the series. That’s when it came to me that I would try to make a charm bracelet.

Most of the charms were relatively easy to pick but sometimes hard to locate. They are arranged from left to right according to the order of the release of the books.

Lucas – the key – That was actually easy to pick for him. Despite ongoing security concerns, all his friends have a key to the penthouse. And it actually becomes a somewhat uncomfortable issue for Andrei when he finds himself hanging onto the key as they just start dating.

Andrei – the jack-o-lantern – If you don’t get this, then you need to read the free short story Perfect. (Or check out the R-rated version in the Unbreakable Stories: Lucas short story collection.)

Snow – the snow flake – I couldn’t resist.

Jude – ambulance/band-aid – This was actually bought as part of a set for people in the medical industry. But obviously, Jude is a paramedic and Jude also helps to heal our dear Snow.

Melissa – the heart crystal – Mel is the only bit of color to the collection and she gets a place of honor in the center of the bracelet. If you don’t know why, please check out Shatter.

Rowe – puppy paw print – Rowe has three dogs who you will get to see more of in Torch. He loves his dogs a lot and they help to keep him grounded.

Noah – guitar – This was actually the hardest of all the charms to pick, but as we got to know Noah (sometimes lovingly referred to as Kitten), the clearer this choice became. Don’t worry. You’ll get to know Noah better in Torch.

Ian – cooking mitt/measuring cup – This one was also part of a cooking set, but the meaning in the same. Ian is our chef. He feeds and cares for all of our boys, no matter how big the family gets.

Hollis – handcuffs – Is this really a surprise considering that he’s our detective? This isn’t some kinky thing… or… (hmmmm… Rinda, do you think Hollis would let Ian use the cuffs on him?)

I’m really happy with how the bracelet turned out. I’m dropping Rinda’s in the mail today so she can have it when she’s hard at work on the final chapters of Torch.


2 thoughts on “A Bracelet for Our Unbreakable Boys”

  1. I got into charms and beading a long time ago. My charm bracelets have cat’s. Very creative, I’m sure Rinda will love hers.

    1. I worry this is the start of a new addiction for me. It was a lot of fun creating it and looking for new and interesting charms.

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