Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rowe

Welcome to the final day of our Valentine’s extravaganza!

This week, we’ve posted great little fictional snippets for:




And Jude.

They’ve all answered the critical question: What would each guy do for Valentine’s Day to show his love?

Today, we’re checking in with Rowe and Noah for their own Valentine’s Day celebration. And to help you get in the mood, we are also putting on sale the ebook edition of Torch for one day only at $0.99. Don’t miss out on your chance to pick up a copy and continue the Unbreakable Bonds adventure!

Rowe and Noah

Tucking the long, slender box a little tighter under his arm, Rowe drew in a deep breath before pushing open the front door. His uncharacteristic jitters were shoved aside as the pounding of three sets of paws thundered from the kitchen to the front of the house. With a smile, he set the box wrapped in red paper on the coffee table and bent to give the two Rottweilers and the German shepherd attention before they could knock him over with their heavy bodies.

“Hey babe!”

Rowe looked up to see Noah standing in the doorway to the kitchen, drying his hands on a dish towel before tossing it over his shoulder. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants that hung low on his narrow hips and an old t-shirt that had its neck all stretched out because Rowe kept pulling at it to get at more of Noah’s skin. It was amazing the damn thing was still in one piece.

“Dinner’s almost ready. Another fifteen minutes,” Noah said, squeezing between the dogs to wrap his arms around Rowe and snag his lips in a quick but searing kiss. “Ribs and I picked up that chocolate cake you apparently begged Ian’s pastry chef to make.”

“Mmmm….ribs, cake, and your sexy ass. I’m a lucky man,” Rowe growled before kissing him again. Noah laughed and pushed away.

“Is that why you broke our agreement for no gifts?”

Rowe shrugged, trying to ignore the heat he could feel spreading through his cheeks. “It’s our first Valentine’s Day and our other holidays weren’t exactly smooth.” Rowe cleared his throat and waved a hand at the wrapped box on the table. “Besides, I saw it and knew you’d like it.”

Still grinning, Noah walked over to the massive entertainment center against the far wall and pulled down a long, slender box from the top. It was wrapped in red fire engines. “I guess we’re shit at following rules.”

“Fire trucks?” Rowe asked, nodded at the box in Noah’s hands.

“You’re hot stuff.”

Rowe groaned as he shrugged out of his coat. “That was bad.”

“You love it.” Noah stepped closer and waved the gift in front of Rowe. “You wanna open before dinner?”

Noah’s smile was broad and warm and utterly intoxicating. He’d never stood a chance with Noah. He’d fallen years ago when they first met and a separation of years and thousands of miles hadn’t killed that love.

“Sure.” He grabbed the gift for Noah and flopped down on the sofa. Igor attempted to climb up next to Rowe, but Noah shooed him away and dropped down next to him. They swapped boxes and both paused when they noticed that the boxes were the exact same size. But then Noah shrugged and they tore away the wrapping paper, flinging it around the room in a flurry of shredded bits.

As they both opened the flat brown boxes, they broke out in deep belly laughs that had them falling against each other. They’d gotten each other the same Cold Steel axe with the hickory handle. But Rowe had gotten Noah the one with the spike end, he’d received the one with the hammer end.

“I can’t believe you got me a tomahawk!” Noah said, spinning it in his hand as he checked its weight and balance.

“Great minds, I guess,” Rowe chuckled, admiring his own gift. He couldn’t believe it. When he’d ordered Noah’s, he’d seriously considered buying one for himself.

Noah grabbed both and placed them on the table before straddling Rowe’s lap. “Seriously, that is the sexiest gift I have ever received.”

Rowe wrapped his arms around Noah’s waist, settling his hands on his ass. “Should we worry what it says about us that we got each other weapons?”

Leaning forward, Noah brushed his lips across Rowe’s. “Only that we’re perfect for each other.”


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