So Excited! 4 Days to Blaze Excerpt


Yes, Jocelynn and I are feeling it this week. We love our Unbreakable Boys so, so much. And we missed them so, so much. We’d always planned to do a novella and it was actually planned for Lucas and Andrei’s ‘real’ first anniversary later this year. But the story grew and then well, as you’ll see when you read the book, another character’s story also grew…

We’ve decided to write what we want to write. To dive into the stories that speak to us. So Blaze turned into a full book, giving us a chance to delve into the relationship that is Lucas and Snow, as well, because let’s face it, they are the glue that started it all. Lucas, Snow, Rowe, and Ian just breathe inside us. Sounds corny, I know. Eh, don’t really care that it does. We are who we are. 😉

So. FOUR DAYS. Blaze is here in four days! You can pre-order your copy here. And until then, here is an exclusive sneak peek.


A moment later, Andrei’s picture came up on his phone and he snatched it off the coffee table and walked back to the window. “Miss me yet?” he said into the phone.

“Of course. You weren’t here when I got done with wedding plans today. Had to take care of myself.”

“Hate missing that.” And he did. Fuck, he loved watching that man touch himself. His dick, which had grown half-hard the second he’d heard Andrei’s voice, perked all the way up at the memory of the last time he’d watched him do that. They’d been in the shower, and Lucas had sat on the built-in seat with a perfect view. He groaned.

“I know what you’re doing,” Andrei murmured, his voice dropping into that deep, sexy rumble that turned Lucas into mush.

He pressed his hand to the glass and wished his view was a completely different one. He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to be home enjoying all that hot, sweaty wedding planning. “Not yet, but you’d better be ready to reload soon.”

“Ooh, orders already.” His chuckle sounded low and rumbly over the phone. “I really called to see why you have my staff looking up your private information. They do have real clients, you know.”

“My stake in the business counts for nothing, huh?”

“You think it gives you the right to pull them off paying jobs?”

He grinned at the note of teasing in his fiancé’s voice. He loved when Andrei got bossy. “Yes. So, is there news?”

“Gidget managed to find the phone—don’t ask me how—but Taylor used it twice earlier today to call local numbers. The calls pinged off two different cell towers. I’m sure she’ll have her location nailed soon, but the problem is, your niece is damn smart. Gidget is pretty sure she’ll dump the phone. Don’t be surprised if it’s a new number the next time she calls.”

Pride warmed him again. He was liking this kid more and more.

“Lucas, tell me the truth. How bad is it?” He paused. “There’s something in your voice besides alcohol.”

“Haven’t had a drop.” Just painkillers, but he’d keep that to himself. Lucas pinched the bridge of his nose. Andrei had his number, and he’d had it from the very beginning. Damn. For so long, he’d had to be so strong. So in control. And this man, this beautiful man, had come along and shared his burden. And he didn’t even realize how much. He pressed his forehead to the window, loving the cool glass on his skin. “I miss you.”

“Lucas?” The thread of warning in that tone made his dick perk right up. “Baby, talk to me.”

He opened his eyes and focused on the glittering lights in the smear of midnight black. “Taylor is mixed up in something bad. Snow and I talked to this woman today who’s received death threats. Seems Taylor is doing a paper on toxic water from fracking and—” he broke off, not wanting Andrei to know someone had come after them. “If this is a company cutting corners by illegally dumping waste, my niece was smart to disappear. Cutting corners like that will shut a company down fast, big or small.”

“And if it’s big, there’s no telling how far they’ll go to keep someone quiet if they know.” Andrei paused. “But small could even be worse. If someone stands to lose the business. Shit, Lucas. Shit!”

“I know. But listen to me. I will be home before our wedding. There is nothing on this Earth that would keep me away from marrying you next week. Nothing.”

“Death could,” Andrei growled. “I don’t like this at all.”

Lucas snorted. “Not happening. Tell me about the wedding plans you and Ian took care of today. I want to hear you get turned-on.”

“I know what you’re trying to do.”

“Then let me. Snow and I are being cautious, I swear. Now tell me about the planning.”

“You find my reactions to all this very amusing, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t change them for anything.” He chuckled. “And it’s not like I’m not having the same reaction. If I were there right now, you’d be facedown on our bed.”

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    1. Hi! Blaze is already out, but in the end we do announce that Snow and Jude are getting another book. The plan is December or January. I’m not sure what you mean by truth. 🙂

      1. Actually I live in Brazil and I still have not bought the Blaze book. Could you advance the theme of the book of snow and jude? They will marry? I’m really looking forward to the content of the book.

        1. We haven’t written Snow and Jude’s second book yet, but Snow already feels like they are married. 🙂

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