Exciting News: Short Story Giveaway Coming Soon!

It’s hell to wait for the next book!

Between my day job and just life in general, Rinda and I can’t always churn out books as fast as we would like.

And sometimes, we need to tap the brakes or switch gears as new ideas occur to us.

We’ve been busy already this year.

Since the start of 2018, readers have gotten to see Shane and Quinn fall in love in Dantès Unglued.

Readers have fallen for the explosive couple Marc and Royce in Deadly Dorian.

Readers attended the wedding of the year in Blaze.

And we dipped our toes into audio books with the sexy Sven and Geoffrey in Psycho Romeo.

We’ve still got a few more projects in the works for the remainder of 2018!

But in the meantime, we have a little thank-you for our readers.

On August 28, we are taking part in a special MM Back to School Short Story Giveaway! More than 30 of your favorite authors are participating. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some awesome new stories for FREE as well as try out some new authors.


Rinda and I will be contributing our own short story…err…novella. (Yeah, we’re not so good at writing short. This short story quickly turned into a 20,000-word novella.)

Our “short story” is titled: JACKSON

It’s a Ward Security novella.

Here’s a quick description:Jackson, short story, novella, Ward Security

Wade Addams has built a new life he loves. It’s far removed from the one he led as a kid under his brother’s evil thumb. Forced to jack cars, he ended up in juvie. Now, ten years later, he works as a server at Rialto where he feels like part of the family.

His brother’s release from prison threatens to destroy it all.

Fewer trips and time to date made Jackson Kent leave the high profile security firm he worked for in L.A. and accept the primo job offer from Ward Security. He’s heard great things about the Cincinnati firm. But he never expected to meet someone like Wade his first day on the job.

Sparks fly as these two work together to keep Wade safe and send his brother back to prison where he belongs!

Are you ready for this new adventure?

Stay tuned to links to the short stories on August 28.

5 thoughts on “Exciting News: Short Story Giveaway Coming Soon!”

  1. I LOVE all your books! If I was able I would be at every event where you two appear. Really not a stalker ? just an avid fan and would consider it a privilege to meet and greet such great story tellers and possibly make a friend. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. Thank you so much for another story, Rialo server and a Ward Security what could possibly go wrong ! I really love all of these books you both write I have read them all, I can’t wait for Snows book, will he take the plunge and get married ? I can’t pick a favourite it changes with each book I read or reread, I don’t understand how you manage getting these books out with your busy lives, but just know it’s really appreciated, so thank you once again.

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